Enjoying my 20’s


Life is for living!

A statement I seem to forget more often then I would like to admit.

Of course thinking about your savings, career or buying a house are things to consider, and most definitely can’t be avoided. But I seem to somehow always get weighed down with worries. This month more than ever I have money stress, and have even taken to cycling to work to save a little extra cash. Whilst I am quite happy to start putting savings away again, and know I will feel better having something stored for a rainy day, I also don’t want to become too much a hermit that I forget to enjoy things. Sometimes I wonder if I have already spent too much of my 20’s not having enough fun or really enjoying life!

Now more than ever people are obsessed with technology, and I sometimes think we have gotten too lazy to truly make the most of life, which I know I am guilty of. Now that I’m 27, I see so many of my close friends having children, getting engaged and settling into a new stage of their lives and it really does make me want to appreciate every moment I have with them for girl time, parties, wild nights or just staying in with a film. Beyond that, I want to be sure that every memory I make during my 20’s are filled with fun, laughter and those carefree moments you may not get as much of later on in life.

They say your 20’s are your selfish years, and the time when you grow up more than ever. I definitely have done a lot of growing, and in the last two years I have made some major leaps in figuring out my shit. So whilst I am now in my later 20’s I plan on being responsible to a certain amount, but mainly just continuing to have a little more carefree fun, growing in confidence and letting go of self doubt. I want to continue on my journey of self discovery and I have no doubt making a few more mistakes along the way.

How do you feel about your 20’s vs 30’s? Let me know in the comments!





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