Beauty Favourites: Tried and Tested

I’ve been on a bit of a budget this past month due to some unexpected vet bills among other things, so that means I haven’t really splurged on any new beauty items. However, as I was sitting down to think about what I wanted to talk about in my last post of the month, I realised that sharing a few favourite items is a great way to end the month. Favourite posts/ Videos is not something I do too often, but I do love sharing with you what products have been working for me and which ones are pretty much a staple in my beauty bag.

So today’s post is just discussing a few beauty and hair products that I have fallen in love with over the last few months. If you enjoy this type of post than of course let me know and may just keep you updated on my current favourites more often! 🙂


Nyx cosmetics


This is really just to add Nyx Cosmetics as whole to my favourites because I am loving their products currently. Very affordable and cruelty free makeup is perfect for me, though one product in particular, I have loved the last few months are the lip creams. I have mentioned the Nyx cosmetics lip creams before, but after quite a few months of trying these creams, I am still as obsessed with them as ever. I just love how Nyx is not only very affordable, but also extremely good quality. The lip creams are around £5.50 at boots and are a great substitute for a liquid lipstick, which sometimes can be more expensive. Everyone loves a great matte lipstick, and these lip creams are perfect for that finish. Not too drying, and long-lasting as well, I have worn these to death, and still have so many shades to try! I recommend Nyx as a brand, but their lip counter is by far one of the best around.

Urban Decay- All nighter Setting Spray 


Another favourite of mine that has been tested to the limits, is the Urban decay all nighter setting spray. When they say all nighter, trust me they mean it. I have used this spray not only for going out, but also for everyday makeup as well. Particularly as the weather has been rather hot recently, this spray allows you to still wear makeup, liquid foundation and all, without fear of it melting away. Just a quick spritz and you can head out knowing your makeup will hold. I have even slept in my makeup (Big mistake I know), and due to the setting spray, everything has still been in place when I woke up. This is long-lasting and I highly recommend.

Rosie For Autograph Insta- Lash mascara 


Now I have seen mixed reviews about this mascara, but personally I have really fallen in love with this. What I love about this mascara, besides the beautiful packaging is that I really see a great, natural looking length added to my lashes. I find that with most mascaras they always create more volume for me rather than length, but this is the opposite. I prefer to have longer looking lashes than full and thick.  Whilst yes overtime it did begin to clump on the massacre wand, this was at the point I needed to grab a new mascara so this was not too much of an issue. I have nothing but praise for this gorgeous mascara.


The Mascara in action. (Someone forgot to yell smile there guys)


Thank you for reading, be sure to let me know what products you have been loving this month in the comments 🙂





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