Recommended Reading: All the bright places


Today I wanted to talk about a book that I have recently read and absolutely loved. This book is very well-known by many people and I had previously heard great reviews about it, but just not had the chance to read it myself. I noticed the book when I was shopping, and decided I would finally give it a read and I am so glad I did!

All of the bright places is a fantastic book, not only with a love story, but one that also brilliantly and sensitively explores suicide and depression. We meet Violet and Theodore at the top of their school bell tower, standing on the edge of the building. Both of them have two very different journey’s that lead them to this point, but they are standing there for the same purpose. Violet and Theodore are there, because they both contemplate jumping from the top of the bell tower and ending their lives. Theodore manages to talk Violet down, and doesn’t go through with it himself, but from this point onwards they are connected. We hear both the thoughts and feelings of Violet and Theodore as the book is told from their perspective in turn. I really love this style of writing as it was really enjoyable to see the story develop and their love grow, whilst hearing how they both feel throughout.

I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, so any kind of love story, I know I will always enjoy, but I was actually very intrigued to see such an interesting story develop, as both Violet and Theodore have issues that they struggle to deal with throughout. Violet has been dealing with her own grief, after the loss of her sister. Theodore meanwhile has felt ‘different’ his entire life, feeling out-of-place, sometimes overly sensitive and struggling to want to stay on this earth. However, even with all of this happening inside of him, Theodore still manages to have a sense of humour, understanding and love, particularly towards Violet. He rescues Violet from herself, and truly brings her back to life. This story has moments that make you smile, allow you to laugh and to truly break your heart.

I highly recommend this book, if you have not yet read it. Jennifer Niven is a fantastic story-teller, and I find this book truly inspiring and most importantly relatable for so many young people who may be struggling with depression or suicide. Whether they have suicidal thoughts themselves, or have known someone else to have, this book makes you feel a little less alone, and shows how important it is for them to talk about their struggles and issues.

I am a new fan of Jennifer Niven after reading All of the bright places, and will continue to read her work.

Thanks for reading everyone.


































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