The Tone it up challenge: Bonus week & 7 day slim down!

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Hi everyone,

So though the Tone it up challenge finished last week, all of the TIU team signed on to do the 7 day slim down. This is one week of very healthy eating, without as many treat meals or alcohol etc, as well as an hour of Cardio a day and toning exercises. This 7 day plan, is a little more intense so 1 hour of cardio is a lot but, this is why it is only 7 days and they only advise to do this twice a year maximum really.

The slim down did not feel too bad, when I have done it in the past I have had crazy cravings as it’s going from everyday being a treat meal everyday to a high protein, vegetable filled plan. 7 days feels like 20 days when doing the plan, and that is purely because you are telling yourself that for this week, you can’t have chocolate, lots of sugar, crisps and all of the indulgent food you love. As soon as you tell someone you can’t have something, that’s all you crave!

However, the fact that all of the TIU team were doing this together kept me motivated, as well as our fabulous trainers motivating us with their own 7 day slim down results.

So how was the week?

This is the first time I have fully completed the 7 day slim down without something getting in the way, though I did have a few sneaky mini eggs. After this week, I feel strong, happy and proud that the 8 week challenge has finished with an extra bonus week of the 7 day slim down. My final results from the entire challenge are below:

1 Inch from my waist

2 Inches from my hips

1 Inch from my torso

I have lost around 5 pounds but that figure has gone up and down the last few days, which is why I don’t really concentrate on what the scale says.

The biggest difference I have seen has been my hips. They have always been apron men area for me so I am so pleased to see the toning exercises have paid off.

Before and after… Sorry the bad picture quality is a little off xx


I feel great. Though I still have lots more toning to go, I am very proud of my results, and just excited to see what new fitness goals I can hit this year.

Thanks for reading everyone and a HUGE thank you to the TIU team for your support, love and temawork!





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