Small Indulgences…

Life can be tricky sometimes, full of stress, chaos, family drama, relationship issues and that’s only the beginning. That’s why it is so important to take the small joys in life that make it a little easier to get by, recharge and most importantly relax. For me, relaxation means taking time by myself, away from my phone, other people and just have chance to breathe, chill and clear my mind. There are a few things that help me to do this.


Lighting candles

 The easiest way to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere of course is to light a candle or two, or lets face it more like ten! Beautiful candle light, scents and the calming atmosphere they create are an instant way to help me feel relaxed.

Drinking a hot tea on a cold day

 Finding happiness in the small things is what keeps us going through life sometimes. One thing that makes me feel happy is enjoying a hot drink like herbal tea or coffee on a cold day. In fact, as I write I have a blanket on, the fire going and a lovely mug of deliciousness. It’s something we all probably do on a near daily basis, yet never appreciate. As we are seeing so many people homeless, or sleeping rough, being able to enjoy your home, with a hot drink and just relaxing will never be under appreciated by me.

Sleeping in

So this may be a little too relaxed for some, but more often than not I am awake before 6 am, not just for work, but making time to work out, get ready for the day, and fitting in things such as this blog! To sleep in is sometimes the best thing to energise you, give yourself a break and relax your body and your mind. Waking up without an alarm brings me happiness sometimes, because we all need to slow down every once in a while.

A glass of wine 


As a Tone it up girl, we know how important Wine not Wednesday is to us and to the plan. Having a mid week treat allows you to stay motivated and more importantly gives a little relaxation. Not everyone enjoys wine, or alcohol at all, but for me, a nice glass of rose after a long work day is just what I need to unwind.



I know, this may not be everyone’s way to relax, but sometimes if you are in a bad mood, feeling fed up or generally just need some energy then exercise may just be what you need. I don’t naturally get up with an urge to do 100 squats, but you can’t deny that after a work out you feel so much better! It gives you energy, wakes you up and boosts your mood with those amazing endorphins (Remember, happy people don’t shoot their husbands).

These are just a few ways I like to unwind. These small indulgences make all the difference to ending your day with a smile, keeping you sane and giving you a little boost when you need it most.




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