An afternoon out…

Hi everyone,

This week, I have a week off work so I’m enjoying some much-needed R&R and squeezing a lot into my week. I still have plenty of Christmas shopping to do, even though I feel like I’ve been shopping for months, but also just taking time to spend with my friends and family before Christmas truly takes over.

I wanted to take you on my little day out with my family that I had yesterday, which included my mum, sister, auntie and niece for a mini girls day out for tea, cakes and Christmas shopping 🙂 I love days like this because even though the weather has been terrible, we made the most of it. In the morning I just spent some extra time in bed, having a leisurely breakfast, playing with my niece and catching up on some TV really. We then set off to Dobbies in Speke, Liverpool for a little shop around and the afternoon tea for two they offer. The minute we entered Dobbies I felt like it was Christmas eve! They had a gorgeous smell of cinnamon floating in the air, trees covered in lights, toys on display and plenty of Yankee candles in their famous Christmas scents. I actually did pick up a lovely candle that is also quite humorous for my dad, in a wine bottle shape, that you could easily confuse for a bottle of red. After taking in all they have to offer we headed to the cafe for our tea. This is something you need to usually book in advance, but they offer an afternoon tea for £12 or £15.


As my niece in only 1 she didn’t actually take part in the afternoon tea, but she was along for the ride. We were greeted, offered our drinks and picked the sandwiches we wished to have. As my sister and I are vegetarian we opted for the cucumber sandwiches and the egg sandwiches. My mum and auntie had the ham and smoked salmon sandwiches. Along with those, we were presented with a classic afternoon tea set filled with scones, chocolate covered strawberries, and delicate miniature cakes which we split between us. I’ve never actually had afternoon tea before so didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. It’s a great way to enjoy time with friends or family because it makes your lunch a bit more interactive. You get to discuss which cakes you like, which ones you don’t, swap and share and just take your time between each mini course, as well as getting to truly enjoy the company you are with.
For day one of my week off, I have to say this was a great way to kick things off.

Thanks for reading everyone.





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