Rudy’s pizza: Taking a piece of your heart…


A new restaurant opening up in Liverpool is somewhat of a regular occurrence. There are countless new and exciting places to try, but I myself have been very excited for the arrival of one restaurant in particular for quite some time. So excited in fact that I have been telling everyone I know about this place for the past month. The place in question, is the wonderful Rudy’s Pizza, of course on the menu is one of the great loves of my life, Pizza.  I have been so excited about visiting Rudy’s since I first saw the teaser sign in the window that the restaurant was coming soon. I love that Rudy’s isn’t trying to be over the top, eclectic or ‘Instagram worthy’. What Rudy’s believe in, is keeping the pizza authentic, delicious and quick! They only use an authentic pizza oven, hand crafted in italy and shipped over to the restaurant.

 ‘Just like in Naples, our dough is made on site every day, takes 24 hours to double ferment and just 60 seconds to cook. It is soft, light and floppy… so fold for strength or tuck in with a knife and fork.’

I was kindly invited to a preview of what Rudy’s had to offer and felt welcomed the moment I stepped through the door. I love the decor that Rudy’s have chosen, it is cool and modern with gorgeous plants around the restaurant, whilst also supporting the local artists of Liverpool, they have a beautiful mural by Neil Keating that completely welcomes you into the space.

What’s also great about the layout of the restaurant is that you can actually see the chef’s preparing each pizza. from rolling out the dough, to placing it in the oven. Everything can be observed and you truly get to a great authentic experience. I was served by the wonderful Erica who was extremely friendly and helpful when discussing the menu and what she would recommend. The menu is quite small and really keeps your focus on the great pizza offered. Rather than an extensive menu of many foods, Rudy’s let’s their pizza do the talking. A few side dishes are available such as olives and crisps, but it makes the pizza the main event, as it should be.

I decided to go for a classic Margherita pizza (with buffalo mozzarella), the reason for this is truly that I love a Margherita pizza. However, I also believe that if the ‘simplest’ pizza tastes amazing, then I am sure that is a great sign for the rest of the menu.

I had heard great things about the way in which Rudy’s prepare their dough (Made fresh everyday and fermented for 24 hours), but even with this knowledge, I was not prepared for how delicious it was. The pizza dough is something very special and probably my favourite thing about Rudy’s! I found myself eating and enjoying my pizza very quickly, as I could not get enough of this dough, to the point that when I was full, I still nibbled as much of the crust as I could. What you also notice about the pizza is just how wonderfully fresh it tastes! From the dough, to the unique tomato base, this pizza was as fresh, delicious and authentic as you can get! In fact I would find it difficult to compare with the many, many places I love that I go to for pizza. This is a restaurant experience you do not want to miss.

After the gorgeous meal, I somehow found room for a little dessert. Again Rudy’s keeps the menu simple, with ice cream, tiramisu and affogato on offer. I wanted to try something new so I decided to go for the affogato with amaretto. This is a gorgeous Italian dessert. Vanilla ice cream with espresso and a liqueur if you choose to add one. I was not expecting this dessert to be as delicious and as satisfying as it was. This was a delightful surprise and the perfect way to finish off my Rudy’s experience.

What I also love about Rudy’s is that they don’t take reservations. A slight pain if you want to make sure you get a table on a special date. But I love that you can just walk in when strolling by and grab a pizza. It seems to be a lovely way of allowing everyone to experience a taste of Rudy’s whenever you are nearby, almost like stopping by family members house to share a meal, there is something genuine and old school to this no reservations idea that I love (however, don’t quote me on that, when I can’t get a table in the future).

Rudy’s pizza is a beautifully delicious slice of Italy and I cannot wait to return!


If you want to visit Rudy’s you can find them on Castle street opening today in Liverpool, as well as in Manchester. The only question left really is, what pizza will you pick?




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