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Over the last year and a half, it’s safe to say that comfy clothes, loungewear and pyjamas have been a wardrobe staple for many of us. During the many, many teams calls, zoom quizzes and lockdowns, the idea of comfort was essential to us all. Personally I didn’t indulge in too much online shopping whilst staying home, but if I did, it was usually to update my loungewear collection. But as normal life somewhat resumes, I think we all deserve an extra treat for getting through 2020 and 2021!

If you know me, then you would know that I have always had a slight obsession with pyjamas and lingerie. I’m not sure what it is about these items, but I just love shopping for pjs and lingerie. It truly brings me joy when I get to treat myself to something new, and the IDentity Lingerie and nightwear is a perfect place to start!

I’m sure my mild obsession with Blair Waldorf and her endless array of beautiful lingerie and nightwear have also played a part, but something about those beautiful pieces can completely lift my mood. Whether putting on a bra that makes you feel a little extra sexy, a nightgown that makes you feel feminine and luxurious or silk pyjamas to truly feel indulgent for a night. Nightwear and lingerie is truly special, because more than any other item you wear, it truly is a gift to yourself. Even if you have a partner, I find that choosing pyjamas and lingerie is not something you often do for someone else. Perhaps now and again, sure, but more often than not, its about choosing pieces for you and you alone. I think it’s a truly personal and special treat to give yourself.

Lately, things have been pretty full steam ahead for me. I have been working a lot both at work and at home, due to my studies. Therefore, taking a step back to relax has been tough as of late. I was pleasantly surprised when an opportunity to try a few pieces from IDentity Lingerie was presented to me. I was kindly gifted pieces to try.

Not only did I love the pieces, but I also love what IDentity Lingerie stand for. IDentity Lingerie is a UK based family owned small business. The items are ethically made and environmentally friendly. I love that IDentity Lingerie have combined beautiful pieces, with supporting the environment and the ethical treatment of employees. They are passionate about producing high quality pieces and bringing positive changes to society, with their business and their values.

Japanese Silk Green Long Pyjamas

Blair Waldorf never met a pair of silk pjs she didn’t like, and I can see why! These gorgeous pjs are really the best silk pyjamas I have tried and are my new favourite for sure. These pajamas are so beautiful, comfortable, and just the type of pjs that make you feel a little extra relaxed. Not that I need an excuse to chill out, but these pajamas just make you want to take a bath, with a glass of wine in hand and just unwind. If you are in need of a special treat for yourself, I highly recommend these. These are available in long or short versions, in an array of stunning colours, so there are plenty of options to choose.


Navy Long Satin Lace Nightgown

If Pjs aren’t your thing, then IDentity also has some truly gorgeous nightgowns and dressing gowns to choose from too. I decided to go with the beautiful navy long nightgown,  and it is definitely a special item. This is a beautiful long nightgown, with adjustable straps. The straps being able to be adjusted is always a plus I find, because depending on what you prefer, as well as if you decide to wear a bra or not, the straps can make all the difference.

I’ve never tried a long nightgown before, but this definitely feels very comfortable and a little extra luxurious. This nightgown is available in a good range of colours, so you also have a variety to choose from, I think the navy is beautiful, but I also have my eye on white and burgundy.


Black Triangle Lace Bra & Sexy Strappy Black Lace Thong

IDentity Lingerie not only has the beautiful pajamas, nightgowns and dressing gowns available, but also has some fantastic lingerie available.

I picked out this gorgeous set that’s also a little sexy! Who doesn’t need a great black lingerie set in their collection?

This see through bralette is so comfortable, and although it is a slightly sexier choice, I could easily wear this as an everyday bra, as it’s not too much but can definitely make you feel a little extra special in your day to day role. There are some really beautiful bralettes to choose from, but a triangle bra is one of my favourite styles. Though this is a lace bra, there are a lot of silk and lace combinations to choose from on the website as well. I personally would recommend the lace triangle, as it is truly beautiful and I think a great choice for your collection. I would say, the only thing I would change is perhaps the bra clasp. Although it feels comfortable, it’s slightly trickier to take off, then other bras I have tried. I also love a matching set, so the thong to combine with the bra is a perfect choice. The thong is most definitely not for everyday, but I still love it just as much as the bra. It’s sexy, comfortable and makes this a perfect set!

Why not treat yourself to a little something special! If you want a great set of pjs or lingerie, than IDentity is a great choice.
These items were kindly gifted from IDentity Lingerie. This is not a paid ad, or sponsored post. Only items were gifted.

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