Glossier: Products to Love?

I first heard of glossier a few years ago, and though I wanted to try it, I never seemed to get round to it. Especially as I couldn’t try the shades beforehand, I was always a little hesitant.

However, I finally decided to try a few products and dip my toe into the glossier pool, after seeing how gorgeous others looked wearing the makeup. (I also discovered a fun fact about Glossier and the owner of the brand- any OG Hills fans will know what I’m talking about). Glossier is a brand I really connect with. They want to keep skincare and makeup simple, easy to use and natural looking for the most part. They are also cruelty free, with many products being vegan friendly also, which I am of course a fan of! I love getting really dressed up and having fun with makeup, but for me, a natural, minimal makeup look is more realistic in my day to day life.

I chose to purchase a Skin Tint and Cloud Paint (aka- blush). I had seen this particular blush colour everywhere and I wanted to give it a go. I will say, Glossier makes it very easy to find your shade, and whilst it is always better to go in store and shade match, I think it was pretty spot on for me. Considering many of us are still in lockdown throughout many cities and countries, being able to shade match in person, seems a long way off.


Skin Tint 

The skin tint is exactly that. A light coverage for your face, to give you a little extra colour, and a dewy finish. Glossier describes this as being somewhere in the land between bare face and makeup. I love this product, because more often than not, I will try to avoid wearing foundation everyday. I don’t think it’s very good for my skin to constantly be wearing it. So having the skin tint is a really good way of being able to have a layer to build on for a little blush, or bronzer and still have a very light, minimal look. This comes in 12 different shades, with a good mixture to choose from. I wear shade G6, but I think I would be tempted to try G5 also. However, as I’ve been pretty much stuck in my house for a year, there isn’t much of a tan from sunshine happening!

Cloud Paint

The Cloud paint was the product I was most excited to try, after seeing someone I follow on instagram use it constantly and the result always looked amazing. I chose to get the shade Storm, and I really love it! This wouldn’t typically be my go to shade of blush, but I’m all for trying something new to perk up my makeup bag!

I love the packaging for this blush. As someone who dabbles in art when I can, it’s quite fun to use this product, almost as if your face is a canvas. Storm is a beautiful warm rose, and quite a lot darker than I would usually apply, but I love the outcome. A little goes a long way with this! I would definitely recommend placing some product on the back of your hand first and then applying. I usually will use a powder blush, so having a cream/ liquid blush took a little getting used to. When I first applied the blush, I was a little taken aback by just how much colour was on my face, but it really does blend out really well.



My first try of Glossier was a success, and I am intrigued to try a lot more from the brand. I’ve heard people say that this makeup is for people with nice skin, as it is light coverage. However, I think it truly depends on what look you want to achieve. Would I wear the skin tint on a night out where I will be dancing (and sweating!)? No, probably not. But for when I do return to my office, or for days I just want to have a little extra glow, this is a great choice.



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