Meghan Markle & what we can do, to change the media cycle

Photo taken by me.

I didn’t think I would write a blog post about Meghan Markle, but considering the past few days, well weeks really, I felt compelled to. It’s not a secret that I am a long time fan of Meghan, I have always admired her as a person, her work ethic, her message, her work on and off screen and her personality. I remember being very sad when her website was shut down, but I thought, well this is the way it has to be for the future and as long as she is happy.

Therefore, having to watch over the past few years, as so many stories have been written about Meghan in papers and tabloids, that were clearly untrue, it was very hard to see as a fan. To have to read that as a friend or family member, or being Meghan herself must have been horrific. I previously wrote about the media and social media in relation to Meghan here... and it is sad to see that nothing improved or changed since then. I think what is worse than the media lies told over the years, is the fact that so many people, even now are still making disgusting comments, accusing Meghan and Harry of lying and yet believe every story in the papers as fact. The media goes far beyond Meghan. We have seen it with Caroline Flack and most other celebrities, the media builds them up to tear them down, and it’s an awful cycle.

I wanted to write a quick post really, just to say that I was a fan of Meghan long before the media frenzy began, and I am so happy and proud that she is still here and has made it out the other side. To hear her say that at certain points, she didn’t want to live anymore, it truly broke my heart. This is a strong, independent, loving, kind hearted woman, who’s only real crime was falling in love. I am not saying Meghan is perfect, but no one can say she deserved the media attention she received, the columns of negativity, gross and frankly bizarre headlines. No one deserves that level of scrutiny. I can’t even imagine what it is like, knowing the whole world is talking about you, calling your friends and family for comment, discussing all aspects of your life. I know I would hate that! But she loved Harry, and that was the life she entered into. And in a short amount of time, this wonderful woman felt so low, and struggled so much, that whilst pregnant, she thought about not being on this earth anymore. That is so hard to hear, which makes it unimaginable to have to picture being in that position.

Yet despite that, the media is still at this very moment printing papers that somehow want to paint her as a villain, to say Harry and Meghan should no longer be citizens of this country! I am appalled that they would print such things, but the reality is, they know they can get away with it. We readers and observers have the power to help put an end to this, by not clicking on those articles, not buying those papers. 17 Million people in America watched the interview and almost 11 million in the UK. They know stories about Meghan and Harry bring in these numbers, which is why they write article after article… for profit. This woman wanted to kill herself and they are still putting profit above all else and it sickens me.

Whether you like them or not, I think everyone should hold the media to account. We cannot keep looking at other peoples lives as entertainment and nothing more. There are real feelings being hurt and real trauma being created. Because the awful thing is, that had Meghan actually harmed herself, those same papers that caused it, would be making just as much money reporting on her whether alive or not. We need real change, and the power is in all our hands to stop this machine of negativity for good.

But to end on a positive note. I am in awe of Meghan and her bravery to speak on these issues. To see that she is doing well and to see that her and Harry are safe and happy is so wonderful. I truly hope that things can heal for their family also and hopefully will show change is possible. But ultimately, the fact they are together and survived all of that, is amazing.

I look forward to seeing what they do in the future with their lives and support them all the way.




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