2021- Start as you mean to go on


Though I took a little longer to post here again then I would have liked. The truth is, I can only really post, when I am feeling inspired to write, to share or to explore my thoughts on whatever topic is on my mind that week. I have been pretty lucky over 2020/21. Despite the awful loss of family members last year, overall I have been ok during covid. I have a full time job I am able to do at home, I have family around me, and great friends too. In some ways, as someone who hasn’t suffered with any mental health issues, finance worries or true worry for myself during this time (besides catching the virus), in some ways I feel almost guilty. As though coping well isn’t something we should admit. I’m sure there are others who feel the same. But I have always been someone who tries to see the positive side of things as much as I can. So whilst I will never be so ignorant to say I am thankful for covid lockdowns, I will say that I am really trying to embrace this long amount of extra time and energy I can use for myself, and hopefully others in some way.

The first lockdown I was pretty much taking it very easy, in the sense of, not caring what I ate (Not to be unhealthy, but more so that I didn’t have to go food shopping often). I was also using the lack of commute time to sleep in longer before work began! Basically I was doing the bare minimum. Yet as the year progressed, and I did briefly return to my office, I started to wish I had used the time I had more wisely. So as we entered lockdown 2 and then 3… I really have tried to use this time for those things that we always say we will do, but never get round to.

I tried to get outside most mornings and walk

One thing I have loved using my spare time for, is to explore my creative interests again. I have been; drawing, sketching, painting, writing and challenging myself further. I bought a ukulele (something I have wanted to attempt to learn for so long now), as well as finding my way back to playing piano again, after stopping lessons a few years ago. But besides revisiting my creative side, I have also started to focus on being the best version of myself. For me, this means committing to waking up early, despite working from home, making a commitment to exercise and move my body and mainly to do what I enjoy. But also to challenge myself and push myself, to get in shape and feel at my best. I think the main aim, is to come out of lockdown and feel like I have used my time well, taken care of myself and kept myself busy too. As much as I am glad I took a break during lockdown 1, I’m ready to see what I can do when I challenge myself a little more.

learning to tune my piano… (casual saturday)

A drawing I did for a friend

I have been really inspired by so many people who have really gone above and beyond during this time. That is also something I wanted to look into. Although I have donated when I can to causes that are in real need, I feel as though there is more we can all do. I really want to start researching more of ways to help, whilst still keeping my parents safe.

I think if we can all try and set one goal for ourselves, for something we want to achieve during lockdown or by the end of it, it can help to see light at the end of the tunnel. Just having a purpose for the day can sometimes make all the difference. So perhaps this post will help inspire you. Do you want to challenge yourself to bake the perfect loaf? Maybe to be able to do 50 press-ups (I can barely do 12), or maybe it will be something internal, such as aiming to have a positive mantra/ thought each day when you wake up. Whatever it is you think of, I really believe it will help during this time.


Let me know in the comments what your end of lockdown goal is?



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