Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy Palette: Part Two

Hello and welcome back! As promised, I have followed up from my Part One blog post, and created a few looks with the bright and beautiful colours in the palette this time! I had so much fun stepping more outside of my comfort zone and using colours I wouldn’t normally use. For this post I decided to only do three looks, as I had used the majority of the colours already.

Winter Inspired

For the first look, I wanted to make use of the Teal colour ‘What’s the tea’, so I went for a wintery theme for this makeup look. I really love how this look turned out, and it’s definitely not something I would think to do usually.

I started with the shade My Pills, just to add a little colour to the lid and start to get the paleness that I was looking for. After placing this all over my lid, I then added What’s the tea, starting at the outer corner, and then blending this further in. After blending this out, I then used a little concealer on the middle of my lid, before starting to add the shimmer colour Conspiracy.

My aim with this look was really to keep it a beautiful blue and silver inspired look, therefore I only used a small amount of conspiracy, so I didn’t overwhelm the look with green.

After this, I then added Diet Cola to the inner corner and blended this all the way up into the crease and outside the outer corner. The silver and the teal, really worked so well together and I love them combined.

I continued to build up the colours and then added a little bit of Ranch to the inner corner and blended that in with Diet Cola.

Finishing off the look with some lashes, I really love how it turned out. You could really go further with this look and add snowflakes or a lot of highlight to make the rest of your face fit in with the winter wonderland theme.




So for a complete opposite to the first look, for this, I wanted to use the red and orange and create a firey and firece look. I think out of all the colours, red and orange, probably would be the ones I am least likely to use. Even though they are beautiful, I just wouldn’t personally gravitate towards those, as my first choice. I would say that this look was probably the one most outside of my comfort zone.

I started with a little concealer on the lid, before going right in with the red colour Flaming Hot. With a light touch, this actually could be mistaken as a pink, but building up the colour on the eye, you really start to see the red come through beautifully.

I applied the red all over my eye, only stopping at the very inner corner, as this is where I knew I would be trying the yellow shade. I then used Cheese Dust in the middle of the lid. I have to say, although I’m not one for colour, I really love this shade! I think it’s really pretty, and combined with the right colours, it could look amazing for several looks. I also love just how much colour you get from this shade.

After blending this out and reapplying both Flaming hot and Cheese Dust, I then moved onto brightening up the inner corner of my eye, with even more colour. For this I used Food Videos!

I had heard mixed views on this shade, and I have to say that it was a bit of a strange shadow to use. Even if I sprayed my brush, it seemed to be quite powdery, and didn’t stay on the eye as well as the other shadows. I do still think the colour looks great, but it certainly isn’t as bright, as you would imagine it to be.

I then used some lashes to complete the look. Overall, I thought this was a really fun look and it was easier to achieve than I thought it would be. My favourite shade of the three is most definitely Cheese Dust.

A touch of Pink

The final look, was of course saving the best until last! I was drawn to the palette mainly for the shade Trisha, I saw that stunning pink on the series and just wanted to give it a try for myself. So for the final test of the conspiracy palette, I wanted to see how Trisha would look.

I began by applying a small amount of My Pills, before then using Pig-ment all over my lid. I think Pig-ment has to be one of my favourite shades in this palette, it is so gorgeous and I think it would work for quite a lot of skin tones as well. After blending pig-ment all over, I then decided to use a hint of Flaming Hot in the crease and outer corner, to add a little more depth. After blending this colour to the outer corner, I then added a little purple using Not a Fact.


Then it was time for the main event! I put down a little concealer on the middle of the lid, sprayed my brush and then finally I applied the shade itself… Trisha. I love this shade! I was worried that the expectation wouldn’t live up to the actual shade, but I was so happy that it exceeded my expectations. This is a beautiful eyeshadow, a little goes a long way, but you can also really pack on the colour for that wow factor.

As an added little bit of sparkle, I combined Trisha and Ranch to the inner corner. I didn’t want it bright white, so a touch of pink mixed with Ranch, worked really well.

Pink eyeshadow isn’t one I have used a lot of, but I actually really loved the finish look. Again with a pair of lashes, it really completes the look and makes it a little extra glamorous.

This is a great palette overall. I love how versatile it is, there are so many colours to play around with and these looks that i have created are only the beginning!

Let me know in the comments what you favourite look out of the three is?




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