Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy Palette: Part One

So unless you have been living under a rock, chances are that if you are a regular Youtube viewer, you may have seen a little series from Shane Dawson over last few weeks. I loved the first series ‘The Secret world of Jeffree Star’ so when this new series was released I was hooked. I loved the concept of following Shane as he created his makeup palette, whilst learning more about the business side of the makeup industry. But I was also really excited to just watch Shane and Jeffree in their day to day lives and see their gorgeous friendship on the screen. I love watching them together, I honestly would watch a reality show of the two of them.

Having watched the collection and the palette being created throughout the series, I really wanted to grab my own palette to try. Particularly as the colours were beautiful, unique and exciting, I knew I wanted to grab one and support Shane and Jeffree. Truth be told, I have been in need of a new eyeshadow palette for a long time, but could never quite commit to one. This has everyday shades, bright shades and gorgeous shimmers as well! It was as if I had been waiting for something special and boy did I find it.

With a special palette, I wanted to do a little something extra special. Instead of creating one makeup look, I wanted to show the versatility of this palette with several. So in true Shane Dawson style, I am bringing this to you in a split blog posts. Consider this Part One. This shows a few everyday looks, work day, date night and a little something special for a night out or party.

The Everyday Look

I wanted to start off with an everyday look. Perfect for anytime that you don’t want anything too heavy, and just a subtle look that is very wearable. I thought it was important to show that the conspiracy palette is versatile, as most looks I’ve seen have mainly focused on the bright shades ( They are stunning after all).

Personally this is the kind of look I would do for work (when I have the energy), or whenever I wanted to have a little something on the eye without going to extravagant! This was definitely first on the list to try out and see what look I could create. I did already apply my face makeup, which was:

Foundation: The Ordinary – Full coverage foundation

Concealer: Fenty beauty –  Shade 260 

Blush: Urban Decay – Shade Score

Bronzer: Makeup Forever (Pro Bronze fusion) / Fenty Beauty (Bajan Gyal

Brow By Kady – No longer available

I started with Tanacon and Diet Root beer. These are the two main transition shades, and will probably be the two that get a lot of use! These shades are a perfect base for the eyes. On my skin tone, Tanacon won’t show up a great deal, but even so, it is a great way to start laying down shades to build up gradually.

Once laying down the base, I then took shade Pig-ment and applied this beautiful shade all over the lid to start to get a little colour on the eye and really brighten up the look. Pig-ment was one of the first shades that really stood out to me during the series, and I’m so happy it is just as beautiful on the eye,as it is on screen. I didn’t cut my crease or wet the brush so this was a softer look using this colour. After blending this out, I then added the shade Spiraling to the outer corner, just to darken it up a little.

After applying this, I just repeated these steps of adding Pig-ment and Sleep Paralysis and blending this out, until I was happy with it. I added some mascara (Honest Beauty Mascara) and that was the look complete.

I really loved the finished look. It’s subtle, bright and perfect for me on an average day.


Date night

I had a lot of fun creating this look, it pretty much sums up my usual eyeshadow look, but just elevated slightly. Of course this doesn’t have to be just a date. This look can be used for anything you like, drinks with friends, wear it in work if it takes your fancy or just because you feel like rocking a smoky eye!

For this look, I started with Diet Root Beer all over the lid as a base. I then used My Pills on my lid to help brighten up my lid, and placed it all over the lid as well.

After placing My pills on the lid, I used Pig-ment all over, but mainly on the outer corner to start to build up some colour. I think this shade will be a firm favourite of mine, and I have seen people use it as a blush as well, so it is very versatile.

After blending Pig-ment, I then used the gorgeous shade Not a Fact. This shade was one of my favourites from the palette as well. I’m always drawn to pinks and purples, so I definitely wanted to play around with these colours. I placed Not a Fact on the outer corner of the lid to start to deepen the look.









After blending this out, I then moved on to the shade Spiraling, which is a fabulous shade, that I think will get a lot of use. It’s a great shade for darkening up the eye, as well as creating those gorgeous smoky looks. It is one of my favourite shades already. The pigment on all of the shades is fantastic, and with Spiraling a little goes a long way! You can get a lot of use out of these colours and the palette will certainly last a long time. I was worried about a lot of fall out from the palette, but as I wasn’t packing on a ton of colour, I personally didn’t feel I had a lot of fall out.

I then used concealer on the inner corner, before applying Just a Theory, which is a beautiful shimmer. It’s very bright and just looks so lovely on the eye. I like that it brightens up my eye, without being too blinding. I love this blended with Spiraling, it creates this stunning effect that I am just in love with. As a final touch, I then used a small brush on the inner corner, with the shade Ranch.  With a wet brush, this really does make this shade pop! It’s stunning. I just added mascara, but some fake eyelashes would also finish this look off perfectly.

I love how this look turned out! I will definitely be wearing this again.

Christmas Party

You can’t really get a more festive look than a little green eyeshadow moment!

Whether for a christmas party or another festive event, I thought there was no better time for a green eyeshadow look. As I knew I would be using some darker shades, I decided to start this look with a bare face, in case of any fall out.

For this look I didn’t feel the need to really use a base shadow, instead I applied a little concealer over the lid to start. I then went straight into using the beautiful shade Illuminatea, applying this all over the lid (This look definitely requires a lot of blending!).

I added a very small amount of My rides here, to just darken up the outer corner slightly.

After blending this shadow out, I then used the shade Conspiracy for the inner corner. This shade is a gorgeous shade of green, especially combined with Illuminatea, I just LOVE how they look blended together.

After reapplying more of both shades and blending, I then used a wet brush to make sure the shades popped on the eye. I then added the shade Ranch into the very inner corner.

I then added a pair of Eyelure lashes (Fleur loves) to finish off the look and add that little extra glam to the look. Of course I also put on my face makeup as well.

I really loved how this look turned out and I can easily see me recreating this any time of year.

New Years Party

Last but not least! The final look for part one of the blog post. This look was more of a New years Eve inspired look. A little sparkle and a gorgeous lip is a great look for New Year’s. After finishing the look, I think I would have liked to have deepened it up a little, but as this was a first test of the palette, I’m still happy with like the finished look.

I again started with the reliable shade Diet Root beer all over my lid as a base, and for me to build on with other shadows.

Similar to my earlier looks, I then used Not a fact on the outer corner of my eyes to add a little colour and start to darken the look up a little bit. I may already be slightly obsessed with this shade already! It is perfect for creating a lovely autumn/winter look. I blended this out on the outer corner and over my lid slightly.

Following this, I used a fluffy brush to apply Sleep Paralysis all over the lid to start creating a little sparkle, because if there was ever a time to add some sparkle to your look, it’s definitely on New years! I love the use of a shimmer all over the lid, as it really set a nice base for the other shimmer shades, I plan on using. I followed this with applying Spiraling to the outer corner, to start creating a smoky eye look. I took some time blending this out and continuing to add more colour until the eye was dark enough.

I then added Just a theory to the inner corner, to add a gorgeous contrast to the look.

I then finished off the look by adding a touch of My Ride’s here to the outer corner, as well as Ranch, on the inner corner to brighten up the eye. I then finished the look off with a pair of lashes on the eye.

I also decided to add a lip to this look. Therefore, I used ‘Are you filming‘ to complete the look. Let me tell you, this liquid lip is amazing! It feels so soft and luxurious to apply, it dries very quickly and once its’ on, that lip isn’t moving.


I hope you enjoyed this post and had fun seeing me use just some of the shades. Let me know which look is your favourite in the comments.

Keep a look out for Part two, which will be filled with colour!




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