Keeping the life balance


Sometimes, life just gets too busy. Whether you are juggling school work, social activities and just trying to relax, or trying to get through a working week; as well as catching up with friends, hobbies, washing, shopping…the list is endless. Some days I just want to stay under my duvet and forget everything else! However, in the spirit of a New year, I thought it was a good time to send out a little reminder about keeping balance in your life. As Christmas drew closer, I found myself getting a little stressed and tired. I was busy at work, also studying and taking exams for my accounting work. That combined with christmas shopping meant a pretty fed up Adele.

As 2019 begins, I’m already very aware of the potential for stress to enter my life. I have a lot more exams ahead, studying, learning more in work also as well as trying to save for a house. I decided to make a list of my goals, ideas and reasons that will hopefully let me relax and not let stress get in the way of a fantastic year ahead. Perhaps you can use a few to inspire your year too:


  • Reflect

Taking time out of my week, month or even day to look at something positive I have done or something I grateful for. Focusing on the good can really make all the difference.

  • Work hard

As much as having a lot to do can cause stress, working hard and being able to accomplish a lot is also a great confidence boost. When I get through my work day and tick off everything on my list, I always head home feeling great! Doing the work needed is also important to avoid delaying those tasks and therefore reducing the chance of work building up.

  • Be creative

Being creative is also very important to me. I love my blog for that very reason. Besides writing and taking photos, I also want to get back to my calligraphy practice and drawing for fun.

  • Take a break 

Having downtime, lazy days or a chilled evening can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes if I have been doing a lot and feel like I’ve been running around a lot getting tasks done, I need to have lazy time to recharge. This can be a Sunday of watching Netflix, staying in bed a little later or sometimes taking myself offline for a while and just enjoying the quiet.

  • Exercise

Ahh exercise. It’s been a while since I’ve been consistently exercising or enjoyed the gym. I really wanted to find some inspiration for getting fit again, and I have found a new class I am really excited to try. It’s called Barre balance (perfect name right!). This is a mixture of pilates and yoga. I love yoga and again dedicating time to yoga practice has slipped by me the last few weeks, so I feel like trying a class and committing to it will be a great start to the year!


  • Spending time with people

One thing that is also very important to me is spending time with my friends and family. I need that time to really forget about anything stressful. Whether discussing books with Vanille (Hello book club 2019), signing Disney songs with my niece, having a family dinner or watching football with one of my besties. Having time with the people you love can really bring a much-needed smile to your face.

And finally, whenever life gets a little too much… there’s always Pizza!


These are just a few ways I plan to help me enjoy 2019 as much as possible! What are some of your goals for this year Let me know below.





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