Staying fresh… the most intimate of beauty secrets

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I can always be found with a body spray, deodorant or perfume of some kind. I hate the idea of feeling smelly, or just not refreshed. Sometimes you have plans after work, or last-minute things crop up and a little spritz can make all the difference. But it’s not only a body spray I keep close by these days. For quite sometime now I have also been using a product that I think every woman will love. This item is the Fem fresh wipes! A simple product, but something I now need to have. This also got me thinking about the other feminine hygiene products out there and the products that I use, to feel as fresh as you can in your most intimate of places.

Hair Removal 

I’ve spoken about hair removal before on my blog and how for me, waxing is the best way. I think waxing is a great way to remove some or all of your pubic hair in a very short amount of time and with the best results. Of course the not so fun bit is waiting for the hair to grow back, but waxing can last for 4-6 weeks, and you can’t argue with results like that. I personally think the hollywood is a great one to go for, which is removing everything. After a wax I just feel so much better, and in some ways a lot fresher and cleaner. But with waxing ranging in prices from around £25- 40, it can be a lot to keep that up so often.

If you don’t think waxing is for you, I would highly recommend a great product I recently found by Nair. This is a hair removal cream, which is not something I have ever previously had great results from when trying in the past. This one by Nair however is great. You just simply twist the bottom in order for the product to come out, and then you apply it to the hair you want to remove. This takes around 5 minutes, and that is really all you need. Though the results will only last around 1 week, this is a great alternative if waxing is not something you are ready for.  Waxing will always be my first choice, but sometimes you may not have time to book a wax or not have the funds, so this is a product I would keep on hand.


So you’ve had your wax, or shave or whatever it is that you prefer to do, if anything. What comes next, is the aftercare. Aftercare is also just as important as the hair removal itself. Not that I recommend shaving, but if you do, then aftercare is probably most important for you. Post shave/ wax care is not something I’ve really paid much attention to in the past, however it really can make all the difference. The creams and balms not only help to soothe the skin after hair removal, but can help prevent ingrown hairs and reduce any redness. These little balms, are definitely worth investing in.


 Staying fresh

Besides hair removal, day-to-day care is also important. It’s not only my trusted Femi wipes that I like to use. There are some fantastic products out there for keeping you fresh all day long. I don’t know about you, but for me after a long day of work, in a uniform, or being out of the house for long periods of time, you can start to feel a little less than glamorous and fresh compared to when just stepping out of the shower. The fem fresh deodorants are products I keep handy at home, and even in travel size.


What do you think of feminine care products? Let me know below.



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