Tips for getting out the door in a hurry


Recently I have started cycling to work and whilst I love being on the go in a new way, it also means that I cannot be late. If I leave too late, I can’t always be sure my legs will get me there on time. So my mornings are now even more efficient than before.

Breakfast to me has always been essential. I never quite understand when someone tells me they just don’t like breakfast, or don’t feel hungry when they wake up. I love breakfast, and without it, I am a bit of a grumpy/hangry mess. So here are just a few things I have found to help get me out the door a little quicker!

Prep, Prep, Prep!

Fail to Prepare, then prepare to fail. A sentiment I have heard many times over, yet always found difficult to get on board with. However, my life does not function without preparation these days. Whether preparing blog posts, meal prepping my tone it up meals in advance and particularly prepping for my day ahead.

In order to make sure I am out the door on time, I like to pack my bag the day before. Prepare my lunch ready to grab out of the fridge and make sure my clothes are ready to go when I wake up.


Easy Breakfast

Another way I like to ensure I am off to work on time is to make sure I know what my go-to breakfasts are. Quick easy and delicious! Again some prep doesn’t hurt, particularly for foods such as porridge that you can easily make in advance. Some of my favourite breakfasts are below:

Greek Yoghurt with Honey


My love for Greek yoghurt and honey runs deep. Something about this breakfast just make me feel so happy, and it’s actually quite filling. I do eat it with just these two elements most of the time, but of course if you need a little extra sweetness and energy then Granola and fruit are perfect extras!

Overnight Oats Or Granola

I love overnight oats, because you can even prep these a few days in advance. There are so many great combinations you can have with overnight oats or porridge. My favourites are banana and blueberries, and even some protein powder to add that extra protein to start the day. This particularly important when exercising.

With Granola, it’s as easy as just adding milk or greek yoghurt. Paired with fresh fruit and a little honey or agave makes this a sweet and filling breakfast.



Of course the quick and easy breakfast of a smoothie is always a great option. I love combining protein powder, fresh or frozen fruit and even sometimes oats to fill me up a little more. Frozen banana is my essential ingredient for smoothies. Having frozen banana gives the smoothie a delicious thickness, and when combined with strawberries makes it feel like a milkshake! If I need some extra energy than pairing this with a slice of toast is also great for feeling full and satisfied.

Scrambled Eggs

If you are looking for a hot breakfast that feels a little more filling then you can’t go wrong with scrambled eggs and a slice or two of toast. You can quickly make this within 10 minutes, and it is a breakfast that always fills me up.


Ring the alarm

Finally, my last tip is to set alarm reminders if you have a hard time sticking to schedule. I do this frequently if I know I have a lot to remember that morning. So if I need to be awake at 6.30am and need to also remember I’m meeting someone after work, I may just set an alarm before I leave my house to remind me to bring a change of clothes, or if I know I have my piano lesson, I will set an alarm to remember to grab my books before I leave the house. Small things such as this really do make all the difference to time keeping.

What are your tips for getting out the door a little easier in the morning?




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