5 Little Beauty Hacks Every Gal Should Know

When it comes to looking and feeling good, getting it right can sometimes be a struggle. The problem is that getting your look spot on can be incredibly time-consuming, meaning that if you’re in a rush, it’s just not possible to look your best. Then there’s the fact that not all of the beauty treatments or methods that we use are as effective as we would like to think. Plus, creating certain looks isn’t always as easy as we hoped it would be.


Let’s be honest about it; it’s not always easy to look and feel good. It’s easy to look at the women in the spotlight and see how perfect they always look and aspire to be like them, but it’s important to understand that they have a team of stylists working on their look, hence why they always look so perfect. However, that’s not to say looking perfect isn’t achievable, as below are six beauty hacks that will help to make your life easier when it comes to beauty – for everything that you need to know, read on.


  1. Flip your hair pins

Do you find that whenever you pin your hair using hair pins, the pins begin to move and slide out? Don’t worry; you’re not alone, hair pins aren’t exactly sturdy, are they? The fact is that hairpins actually work better when used upside down because the bumpy area of them is what grips the hair. So, by putting hair pins into your hair upside down, you can ensure that your hairstyle, be it a french plait or some up some down, stays in place for longer.


  1. Spray perfume in your hair

The best way to ensure that your perfume keeps you smelling nice all day long is to spray it in your hair as well as onto your skin. If you’ve spent a lot of money on a designer perfume from TheFragranceShop, naturally you want to ensure that people can smell it. Don’t make the mistake is spraying yourself from head to toe in it, instead spritz a small amount on your wrists and in your hair.


  1. Dry your nails in ice water

There’s nothing more irritating than painting your nails only to smudge one 10-minutes later because they’re not completely dry. So, to speed up the drying process, once you’ve painted your nails, pop your hand in ice water for a few minutes and your nails will dry more quickly.

  1. Heat your eyelash curler

Sick of not getting a good curl when curling your eyelashes? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. The best way to ensure that you get a good curl is to heat your eyelash curlers up using a hairdryer before you use them, as this gives a better curl. Think of it this way; you wouldn’t try and curl your hair without a heated hair tong, would you?


  1. Use a stencil for cat eye eyeliner

Cat eye eyeliner is notoriously difficult to get right. So, instead of spending hours trying to get the flick perfect, why not use a stencil? Yes, that’s right, cat eye stencils exist, and they’re not too expensive either.

So there you have it, five little beauty hacks that every gal should know.




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**This post was contributed by Beth

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