Eat Smart: Stepping up your health with a Plant based diet

As much as I love my Tone it up girls and the meal plan, I love exploring other recipe books and especially vegetarian and vegan meals. Some people believe that a vegetarian diet can be boring, or plain, which can be true when you decide to eat processed foods all of the time. However, if you plan your meals effectively, and to be both balanced as well as tasty, they can be some of the most creative and appetising meals you have ever tried.

This is why I was so excited to see Niomi Smart release her book – Eat Smart. I have been a fan of Niomi and her youtube channel for quite some time now. I love her energy, her video ideas and just how down to earth she seems. Lately I have found some Youtuber’s to have become a little less relatable, yet Niomi always seems so thoughtful, grateful and in touch with everything going on in the world. I was so happy to support her journey into  the plant based diet by purchasing this book and I cannot wait to try even more recipes.


This is a beautiful book, fun of delicious, fresh and wholesome foods. It is broken down into perfect sections for everything you need to fill your kitchen with a great diet.

I am particularly excited to try the Vegan Mac and cheese! So look out for testing out the recipes and reviews on my favourite dishes. One that I already love is the gorgeous Granola recipe. Making it yourself tastes so much better, and I love the different recipes she has included.

Niomi has created a book that is endless for ideas and suggestions, whether for a quick breakfast, tasty dinner party food ideas or a simple sweet treat. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a healthy diet, or looking to try a plant based diet, this will be a great introduction.




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