Little Treats For Cheering Up Yours Truly

Life isn’t always easy, sometimes we have bad days – or even bad weeks, that can leave us feeling a little blue. Social studies have shown that winter – from December to the start of March is the most common time to feel down because of the cold, dreary weather that we tend to get.


Although it’s totally normal to feel down from time to time, when you’re feeling blue it’s always worth cheering yourself up. Because when you’re not feeling you’re best, it’s far too easy to get into a rut, so the sooner you have a smile on your face again, the better. Here are a few little treats guaranteed to give your happiness a boost.

Book a spa day

When you’re feeling blue, one of the best ways to give yourself the boost that you need is to take some time out to relax and recharge your batteries, and one of the best ways to do that is by booking a spa day. If you fancy some company, why not ask one of your girlfriends to join you? To make your spa day even more luxurious, consider adding a champagne tea onto your spa package I mean, what could be better for cheering yourself up than mini sandwiches, scones, cakes, and champagne on tap?


Treat yourself to new jewellery

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m feeling blue, I always find treating myself to something pretty puts a smile back on my face. Perhaps there’s a piece of jewellery you’ve been pining over for a while, such as a beautiful rose gold bracelet, or maybe you’re in love with your friend’s handmade pearl earrings and would love a pair of your own? Splurge on a piece of jewellery for yourself, and you’re sure to feel happier again. Or, if jewellery isn’t your thing, what about treating yourself to a new pair of killer heels, a new bag, or maybe a new piece of technology? It’s amazing how easily a little treat like a new pair of earrings can cheer you up and put a smile back on your face.


Meet up with your girlfriends

Sometimes when we’re feeling down, all it takes is a natter with the girls, and once again we’re back on form. So, if you haven’t seen your girlfriends in a while, perhaps it could be time to plan a get-together. Whether that’s just a quick coffee before work, a night out at your favourite cocktail bar, or a weekend away somewhere sunny, it doesn’t matter – all that matters is that you get back to feeling happy again. It’s amazing how spending a little time with the girls can help you to de-stress, relax and start to feel more positive again – talk about girl power!


While it’s normal to feel a little blue from time to time, the last thing you want is to end up in a rut. That’s why, when you’re feeling down, it’s important to find little ways to cheer yourself up and get your emotions back on track. Whether that’s buying yourself something pretty or getting a massage, it doesn’t matter – all that matters is that you feel happier again.



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This post was contributed by Beth Mahoney 🙂


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