Finding the balance in Health and Fitness

If you are familiar with this blog, then you know I am currently taking part in the Tone it up January challenge.

I have been a member of the tone it up community for some time now, and last year I completed a simar challenge to kick-start the new year. After that challenge however, I had one too many Easter eggs, and let my work schedule be an excuse for not taking care of myself. Of course there are times when you really can’t do it all in a day, but this year I have found a much better balance of feeling my best, keeping things in order and still finding time to workout.

What’s great about Tone it up, is you don’t need a gym membership, you can work out at home whenever is best for you. Over the last few weeks I have worked out at 6am, 3pm and even 9pm some days. You make it work for you, and adapt. There is one week left before the challenge ends and the 7 day slim down begins. Yet I already feel amazing! The workouts are a big part of this, but more than anything it is what I am using to fuel my body that has gotten me to this place.

Have I stuck to every meal in the meal plan? No, but that’s ok. Karena and Katrina encourage us to adapt to things we like or ingredients we have to hand. I have also had a chocolate bar here and there or even a piece of birthday cake. This challenge is to kick-start the new year to set you up for the rest of 2017. This isn’t a crash diet that you then turn your back on. Which is why I believe in implementing balance now.

If I know I am going for a meal with friends or drinks, I workout harder that day or for a longer session. If I’ve stuck to the meal plan perfectly for the past week than yes I may have a chocolate bar or an extra glass of wine, because that’s life. You can’t ‘eat perfectly’ all the time without eventually becoming bored. Finding this balance hasn’t been easy, but I am truly motivated not only in seeing the difference in my body but just how much better I feel and confident!

We may not like waking up for the gym, or leaving our comfortable beds to workout, but when you regularly exercise, it is unbelievable how amazing you feel!

I’ve found the balance that works for me, and though I’m sure I will have to refrain from as many Easter eggs this time around. I cannot wait to see where I go from here! Feeling great from the inside really can change your outlook, attitude and how you view yourself. The tone it up challenge is called the Look For Love challenge, and I definitely think I have found it. Taking care of yourself is the most loving thing you can do for your mind and body.

I can’t wait to see what happens over the next two weeks, and beyond. So if you are ready to feel that little bit more energised, confident and refreshed, why not try a new workout class, going for a long walk or just finding something that makes you feel your best!



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