Positivity breeds Positivity…

I’ve been feeling a lot happier and brighter lately, and it’s amazing how your day can completely change with just a better and more positive attitude.

I know that the main reason for this brighter me is mainly down to the Tone it up challenge. Exercise really is something we too often complain about, but the results speak for themselves. Forget how many inches you may lose, or pounds you can drop. If something can make you glow, feel amazing, look amazing and make your day that much better, why aren’t we all doing it?

I know I am someone who says they don’t really enjoy exercise, it’s just something you need to do. But being part of the tone it up community really changes that. With each workout, I feel like I am right there with Karena and Katrina, working hard and kicking butt. Without a doubt I always feel great after doing their workouts. Week one of the January challenge, I threw myself into it full force and felt so good, week two however, work got me down, it was my time of the month and I didn’t consistently exercise each day. The difference between those two weeks is crazy to see. Going from practically skipping out of bed to dragging myself out the next week, eating great every day with only a small treat on ‘Wine by Wednesday’, versus having a lot more chocolate to counteract those cramps. I don’t regret week two, I did what I needed at the time for me, but it has shown me the difference between taking care of yourself rather than letting laziness get the better of you.


Week three is in full swing and I’m ready to get back to being in my Tone it up world of perfect fit pancakes and amazing, positive women. When you have a great start to your day, you are in a much better position to shake off the little annoyances that the day may throw at you, and finish it off right, rather than being angry at the world around you.

Positivity creates positivity, and what you put in you absolutely get back when it comes to a good attitude, to workouts and with other people. It’s not often we get to feel totally content, but that’s how I have been feeling lately. I still have my moments, it wouldn’t be life if we didn’t! But trying to see the bright side, dedicating time to you and your needs can only bring a happier and more positive you!

I will keep you updated on how I’m finding the tone it up challenge as I go, but I most definitely do not underestimate what this team can do to endlessly motivate and inspire one another.



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