Make The most of November…

November I find, can sometimes be an under appreciated month. October is filled with Halloween excitement, costumes and the countdown to the end of the month. December of course is a month of celebration, not only for Christmas but to say goodbye to the year that has been and gone as well. But good old November sometimes gets a little neglected. I personally love this month, it’s a peaceful calm before the christmas rush of parties, presents and people.

November is the month to have some time to yourself, because I find that December is the time everyone you know wants to meet up and celebrate the season. This is the time to spend a little extra on a treat for you, to indulge in more chill time and to enjoy some much needed calm.

I truly believe this is the perfect month to recharge and refocus. Here are just a few ways to make the most of November!

  1. Spend a little something on you
  2. Make more time for yourself
  3. Work a little extra (Christmas money comes in handy)
  4. Update your Winter wardrobe
  5. Enjoy the weather! This is a beautiful time of year 
  6. Start planning your Christmas gifts now. This will make shopping next month easier 
  7. Do something memorable, the end of the year will be here sooner than we realise. 

So this month, make sure to take a little more time for you, enjoy the calm of November, stroll through the park and take some time for yourself.



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