Seeing the Sunny Side: Finding what makes you happy

Sometimes life can feel more like a strain, all work and no play, or just causing a lot of stress. The past few weeks, I’ve felt a little more stressed than I would like. Not only just general money worries, but other things on my mind have meant I have been a little sleep deprived, distracted and not as upbeat. So when I’m feeling a little less like myself, I like to enjoy the little things that can really brighten up your day, or even completely turn it around.


Visiting a Coffee Shop

Visiting a coffee shop for some time to myself is one of my favourite things. It is peaceful enough you can get on with reading, work or just people watching, but not so quiet that it feels like a library. I feel so much more productive when I take myself out of the house, and visit one of my favourite coffee shops.

Not only do I indulge in a drink or two with some cake, but you can easily distract yourself with your surroundings and change your perspective.


Sleeping In

Ahhh sleep. I seem to have a nasty little habit of late for staying up way, past my bedtime. I’m talking 4 hours sleep. Sometimes this is down to working on things like my blog, and sometimes it’s because I get caught in binge watching random YouTube videos. Either way, lack of sleep eventually catches up with you, and when it does oh my what bliss it is. Having an extra hour in bed, or even taking an afternoon nap can really be a benefit to your entire mindset.


Playing with my pets

Whether walking the dog, playing with the cats, or just watching the tortoises was their lettuce, I love just being around our family pets. The only ones in the world who are always so genuinely happy to see you. Even if I am just feeling sorry for myself on the couch, Milo is always there eager to play fetch, or just to sit on my lap, Neo is happy to play with a bit of shoelace and be perfectly content and well the tortoises just like eating their food to be honest,but I’m sure they are smiling at me too. Animals have a great way of lifting your spirits, and mine always do!



Watching a favourite TV show

What better way to cheer yourself up by escaping out of your over thinking and worries and just watching the lives of other people unfold, whether fictional or not. Right now I am watching How I met your mother for the hundredth time. Relaxing in my room, with a few snacks and a drink watching a show is pure heaven sometimes.



Taking a walk

Walking in the park I have mentioned before, is one of my favourite things to do. It really is a great way to clear your head, and again a great distraction. Feeding the ducks, taking in the scenery or just sitting by the lake is a great way to pass the time. Whether for 20 minutes, an hour or a whole afternoon, I love being in the park and the peace it can bring to you.


Spending time with friends

Wine + Friends = HAPPINESS.

Time with friends is one of the best things you can do to unwind. Not only do you worry less, or think less about your own problems, but you get to share in what the people you love are going through, get advice and offer it in equal measure. My friends are fantastic, and I love being able to vent my frustrations to them, smile with them, act silly, cry and everything in between. What better way to brighten your day then seeing the people who you can always be yourself with!


What do you do to help brighten your day?




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