Last Minute Halloween Ideas: Making use of your Makeup bag

With only a few days to go before Halloween, its safe to say that for anyone struggling to find a costume, think of a costume or even have the time to make one, time is slowly running out. Now I love a good Halloween costume, full makeup, outfit, everything! However, when you get a last-minute invite, the last thing you want to do is show up with nothing to wear or have no a character of any kind for you to dress up as. So for those of you that simply haven’t had the time to create a costume, or would rather save a little cash on a simple party look, then read on for a few ideas that you can create, with your items in your makeup bag.

Classic Cat



A classic choice, and an easy one to create last-minute. Why not go for a cute little kitty to rock for Halloween. What’s great about a cat costume is that as long as you have some black clothing you are pretty much good to go. For this look I applied my makeup as usual, and then went on to add the cat features.

For this look, you need some black gel liner, and some white or cream eyeshadow shades. I used the Morphe Eye gel and the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette.



Start out with the nose. I like to begin with a heart shape just below the tip, gradually extending this further and down the nose to fill in. Using the black liner all over the nose, you want this nose to be cute and cover the tip. Once applied, take your lightest eyeshadow in the area above your lip, creating a soft base, and cat-like patch. After this, once again use the liner to add whiskers points and a small line connecting your nose to the lip. An optional addition is to apply the liner over the top lip, further adding to the cat look, creating an almost moustache look on the top.

Lastly of course, add a few whiskers. I like to go with three whiskers on each side, starting out light and going over with a heavier hand once the lines have been established.

If you want to create an even more pulled together feline look, then add a cat eye flick on your eyes whilst extending your liner to the lower lash line as well.




Cheetah Sparkle

Now for this look, I kept the makeup from the first Cat look above, whilst just removing the whiskers. You can of course adjust the nose slightly, but the general cat look is a great place to start. If you would like a slightly more sparkly look, without to much of a headache or cost, then this is a look for you.

For this look, once again you will need a gel liner, and an eyeshadow palette with orange and warm tones, and some highlighter or illuminator.



As you will have already applied the nose and mouth features, you now want to add some subtle cheetah print to your face. Apply as little or a much as you would like. In order to do so, I have used the Morphe gel liner to draw out small cheetah style print and almost horse shoe shapes on the side of your face. Once these have been outlined, you then want to fill in with beautiful orange and warm tones to match the classic cheetah pattern.

Once the shadows have been placed, I added a golden- yellow tone to brighten up the pattern further. After this, you can take the gel liner once again to go over any areas the shadows may have covered a little too much. This way, you do not lose the outline too much. When you are satisfied with the pattern, take a highlighter power or illuminator to add some sparkle and shimmer to the look.



I decided to add a heavy brow for this look, to give them a bigger and bushier appearance with a brown shadow. Then using the same shades from the cheetah pattern, you can apply this to your lids to bring the whole look together.

This is just a cute look, that won’t take long and will not be a disaster to remove.



The simplest of the three looks, and probably my favourite!

For this look, all you need is your trusty gel liner and a pink lipstick or lip cream.

Using a bright lip colour, apply this to your nose in a heart shape. Whatever shade you choose, just make sure this will dry, rather than using a gloss. After this, use your eye liner to apply whiskers. As to not look to cat-like, I added two connected whiskers for the bunny look.



If you wish to add some ears, than you can find some great ones in local supermarkets and high street stores. Perfect for anyone buying last-minute. I picked up some lacy ears from Topshop!


If you are struggling for a last-minute idea, then why not use a few items from your makeup bag! Let me know if you recreate any of the looks and tag me on Twitter or Instagram!




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