Why Tone It Up Ladies are Game Changers for women

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It’s not a secret that we ladies can sometimes be our own worst enemy. Not only to ourselves but sadly to each other. I think we could all relate to the movie Mean girls more than some would like to admit.

[Keep on inspiring]

Women are beautiful, amazing specimens and lets face we could easily rule the world, that is if we spent far less time fixated on each other and even more so on the significant others in our lives. At some point, I think we have all had a bitchy or Catty moment towards another women. Whether in school, thinking only a single thought about how someone looks, or disliking an item of clothing they have on, whether this is by actually verbalizing this bitchy comment to a friend, or to even the extreme and letting said girl get hit by a bus (Ok that last one might just be Regina George). However it is the truth that we get so caught up in gossip, rumours and competition that we end up in a complete mess.


Tone it up ladies gave me courage to post a bikini pic and be proud                                                                                                             

However, there are a team of intelligent, powerful and beautiful women that have truly given me a positive view of our gender again.  I love being all about the girls, my friendships with my closest friends mean the world to me, and seeing a community grow and grow filled with positive and encouraging women fills me with joy. I am talking about the group women bought together with one goal: To feel their best self. I have been a member of Tone it up for over two years now, though I have a way to go in terms of where I want my body to be, I am so thankful for this community. Never have I found a place of women that are so sweet, endlessly supportive and real champions of Girl Power. Tone it up was created by the lovely Karena and Katrina, who I know I talk about a lot. But the community was built by like minded ladies, and a few TIU Husbands too, who wanted to be accountable for each other and positive in this journey.


Without the tone it up team, I don’t believe a lot of us girls would have the same fun, encouragement or even the results we have achieved. I know during challenges, I really rely on seeing the other women posting on twitter and instagram and of course in the Tone it Up website. Knowing that they are all going through it as well really make me feel so much better. The women of tone it up really should be so proud, because I really believe they are changing the game in terms of how women sometimes can act. There is a stereotype that when women work, live or do anything together there will inevitably be a catty side or bitchiness.  [ Fabulous]  

 I never seen a bad comment on the tone it up community. All I see from these women is positive vibes only. Tone it up has brought me some beautiful online buddies, and one that actually turned into a real friendship. I was lucky enough to find my lovely friend Vanille through Tone it up, though we don’t get to meet up often I really love that I found her, because she is amazing, hilarious and so encouraging. Though we encourage each other to drink more wine than workout.


My Tone it up/ Wine Buddy…Vanille 🙂


[Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are beautiful] 

Throughout this post I have included only a few of the lovely, encouraging and inspiring messages other tone it up ladies have commented on my posts. If you take anything away from this post, please let it be encouragement to say something uplifting or positive to a friend, a work colleague, or even a stranger.

Women are wonderful, and when we work together…. magic can happen!





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