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Now is the time of year for thicker coats, gorgeous and cosy knits, hot chocolate and more nights in sitting by the fire. It happens to be my favourite time of year, as I’m sure for many others. What I also love about the Autumn season, is just how excited everyone becomes for a change in their beauty routine and fashion game. Blonde hair turns to auburn, summer jackets switch to hooded coats and those lip colours change to beautiful berry tones. I really wanted to create some beautiful autumnal looks, that you can easily create for the rest of the year!

Using the gorgeous eye shadow palette from Violet Voss in collaboration with Laura Lee, I played around with the colours for the first time using the palette and just to experiment. I will of course be using this to create and share further looks, but this is just a first impressions and for you to see the palette up close.


Bold Brows and Beautiful Base

Using my NYX foundation (Shade- warm sand) and Urban Decay naked skin concealer, I created a simple base, with a peachy blush. With this look, I really wanted to add a little more thickness to my brows. Still grabbing my trusted and ever so stunning dip brow pomade from Anastasia Beverly hills, I used a definer brush to add a higher arch, and thicker brow for a bolder look.



The Palette




The Palette is beautiful, which I was not surprised about at all. There are 20 shades in total, with an even split of matte and shimmer. The colours are everything you need for an everyday look, a smoky eye, and particularly for these Autumn months ahead. I truly believe this to be a great all around palette that everyone can use and love. The colours whilst pigmented are not too bright or harsh. Laura, if you are not familiar with her is an eyeshadow queen, which makes her the perfect person to design a palette in my eyes. I know not everyone can ever be satisfied, but for me personally, this palette really works.

At first glance, my favourite shades, are 1988 and Tickled Pink. Though the matte shades along the top make for the perfect nude lid, and base tones. As the christmas season will soon be here, I know this palette will be put to good use and some beautiful looks can be created.


I am loving getting to try out more looks and playing around with eye shadows in general, which means shimmer is always going to be a winner for me. I think people, often shy away from adding shimmer in fear it will be too much, or too sparkly, but with these shades, you can easily use a dusting of shimmer, or really go all out with a strong glittery lid. Of course this again showcases how versatile this palette really is.

The Look 

My first trial of the palette was really just to test out the quality, and how the colours work together. Moving towards Autumn, I wanted to test out the darker colours and beautiful browns and burgundy hues within the palette, as well as adding a shimmer on top.



The colours within the palette are gorgeous and easily able to blend. I love the top matte colours. They are great to use for a base and are the perfect transition colours before adding more to create your look of choice.

I used Sugah, Mama bird and Fried as a base and crease colour, just to warm up the lid, and create a perfect and simple base. I love how these colours work together, so lovely to use, and to blend. This is my first Violet Voss product, and I am very impressed. For the shimmer, I honestly just wanted to try out a few shades and continue to blend this until it looked even and lovely.


Alabama is a colour I used on the outer corner of my eyes, before going in with Tickled pink for the inner corner. After this, I focused on the main eyelid, with the shades Hissy fit and Bitty. I loved trying out the colours, and blending them together for a slightly softer shimmer, as they all really work well together.

For a final touch, I added the Morphe gel liner in the colour slate, to create a small winged liner. Of course adding mascara to finish. Adding some gorgeous fake lashes would also bring this out a little more, sadly I couldn’t seem to locate my lashes!

The pigment is so beautiful, that I truly cannot wait to try out a more shimmery look, with a strong shimmer shade on the entire lid. With a little bit of setting spray, I think these shimmers will hold very well, and most definitely apply great. For christmas I really think I will be  using this palette all season long.

This palette is beautiful, fun, and really is a great quality. I would definitely try more Violet Voss products in the future, and of course, anything from Laura Lee.



Have you tried this palette? Let me know your thoughts below.






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