Airport Style- Comfort, Style, and finding the balance


Airport style is very subjective. You have those who love to wear the ultimate in comfort. Baggy pants, loose shirts and shoes as close to slippers as you can get. Others who are ready to step on the beach right from the airport. This means you wear your wedges or your comfy heels, skirts and maybe even a bikini lurking under your top. Of course there those who really just love to wear their best 24/7, even on a long haul flight. Tailored trousers, beautiful shirts or tops and take airport style to the next level.

For myself I really like to combine comfort with hopefully a little style thrown in. I like to be comfortable but still feel a little put together. As some people are still jetting off on those last few days of sunshine and holidays before winter truly does take over, I wanted to share a few of my essentials.


The hat, is something that I find is still an underrated style piece. Aside from the winter hat, that we all love to sport during the colder months, a hat is somewhat of a forgotten piece. For myself, I can usually be found with a comfy winter hat stowed away in my bag most of the year, but even I have to admit, any other style of hat I seem to forget they exist. For your holiday however, a summer hat is a suitcase essential for many people.


More often than not, you also find whatever hat you choose to bring is also worn on the plane, so as not to crush or damage on the way to your destination. This year I really wanted a simple cap, rather than a large sun hat ala Samantha Jones, though they are always a great choice. A cap to me is far better choice on this occasion, as I knew I would be hiking, and exploring a little more than I would be spending my time lounging by the pool. I travelled to Santorini this year, and if you aren’t familiar with this beautiful part of Greece, one thing to note is just how windy it can be! A cap for me was the perfect choice, as when looped through a pony tail, it was not parting from my head, no matter how much the Grecian wind tried to tempt it.

Your hat of choice really will depend on your destination, but for a sunny, summer holiday a few favourites of mine are a cap or a beautiful sunhat.




Trousers to me are the ultimate in airport comfort and style. There are so many options when it comes to the trousers you can wear, that no matter where you are heading, you will be sure to find the perfect pair. Even when travelling to a hot destination, I find that loose fitted trousers in a breathable fabric such as linen, are perfect. Though when you step off the plane it may be scorching, on the flight it can get rather chilly. As a naturally cold person, trousers are a perfect fit for me, comfortable, extremely wearable and they can be styled in so many ways you will not be short of ideas.

I picked up two very different styles for my own trip to Greece. Both beautiful, comfortable and perfect for the number of occasions I needed to style.

Pattern perfect

Now patterns, and in particular paisley are not always something, I am a fan of. But when I caught sight of these Aztec inspired trousers I took a leap and decided to order online. I love the fit of the pants, as they are comfortable at the top and still hug your ankles, so that they are well fitted. These are great for the airport, and for whilst you are away on your trip as well.

These are perfect for a beach day, or even to dress up for a relaxed dinner. The patterned trouser can be your best friend on a trip away. A perfect compliment to the sunshine.


Striped classic

Probably my favourite online purchase this year! I am obsessed with any trousers that look chic, and feel as light and comfortable as pyjamas. These beautiful trousers were a last-minute find from New Look, when I panicked about what I could pack in my suitcase (Turns out my case was overweight! Go figure).

I wore these trousers on my way to Greece, and they felt amazing. So comfortable and easy to wear. A great benefit is also how easy to style these trousers are.

A dark colour can be great for being able to co-ordinate a number of outfits. These are perfect for a day of relaxed exploring, or for even drinking a glass of wine or two by the beach. I am not quite ready to let these relaxed trousers go yet, and they will most definitely be staying with me for next spring/summer.



Now this piece is not so much for style but for comfort too. Thinking more about the flight at hand, when you need to sleep, a scarf can be your best friend, particularly when it is a large scarf. Not only great to add to an outfit, but also wonderful for acting as a pillow. Similar to hats, it’s rare to find me without a scarf in my bag all year round. What I love about a great scarf, is that it can totally transform your outfit, and can complement it beautifully. Scarves are very adaptable, and thankfully come in all materials, sizes and styles.


What are you airport essentials?






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