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Today I really wanted to talk about something new for my YouTube and blog. I love makeup, but sometimes I think we all put on too much pressure on our selves to look perfect. I also think it is very important for younger girls to see that magazines and blogs show a lot of perfect images, edited images and with the majority of people wearing a lot of makeup.

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup because you love it. I absolutely love feeling dressed up with the perfect lipstick, sometimes it gives you a little extra confidence boost that you need. But I equally love not wearing makeup, feeling fresh and giving my skin some time to breathe.


For my channel I want to introduce Makeup free Monday. Once or twice a month or even every Monday if requested ,I will be filming a video without makeup and asking you a question to answer in the comments. This is really just to encourage others to embrace their natural beauty, get us all involved in a kind message and share what we love about ourselves without makeup.

I am sure there are many people who go make up free already, each and everyday, but if we can get the hashtag #makeupfreemonday going and become even stronger than why not!


Be sure to check out my channel for each Make up free Monday video and question.




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