Lessons from a YouTuber: Why Zoe Sugg is doing it right…

I have been a subscriber to Zoë Sugg for around two years or so now. Not relatively long compared to some followers who have been with Zoë since her blogging days, but long enough to have watched enough videos and read enough Blog content to feel as though I know a lot about Zoë, or least as much as she would like us to know. During the past two years, I like most of the world have fallen in love with her personality, her happy and welcoming videos and her killer sense of humour. Watching Zoë’s vlogs really brighten my afternoon, and I love that she has stuck to her guns and really stayed true to herself.

I wanted to write this post after watching Zoë’s latest video because quite frankly, I’m so proud of her. I know we are the same age, but for Zoë to deal with the amount of attention, criticism, messages and harassment even outside her own home, I think she is far surpassed the maturity and resilience of your average 26-year-old. If you watched Zoë’s Vlogs a while back, you know that she had some moments when she really questioned staying on YouTube, as the comments and criticism became too much. Even now, you can scroll through the comments and find down right nasty comments along with the thousands of lovely ones.

It’s very easy to say brush off those comments delete them, or don’t read them, but this is easier said than done. I think Zoë has handled herself remarkably well, and in the last few weeks has completely done a turn around, uploading almost daily videos much to the delight of myself and the other subscribers. I don’t find myself watching Zoë’s Vlogs to see what makeup she is wearing that day, or even to see what projects she is working on; in all honesty it’s like having a chat with a good friend.

I have said in previous YouTube videos of my own, how much I love Zoë’s personality as she is very similar to myself (Minus the horror movies), to be able to see her back to doing what she loves, and showing that she really is just a down to earth lovely girl, is so great to see!

[ ‘Sometimes you have to remember that your own voice is far more important’]

Zoë took back control when the media so often tries to bring her down. Whether the ridiculousness of the knickergate, to constantly posting articles about her earnings, or even one newspaper posting her address! Zoe has amazingly stayed on YouTube, and somehow managed to stay true to herself. What Zoë has shown, in my opinion is that you have to remember that your own voice is far more important than anyone else’s. Not everyone is going to like you, in fact there will be people out there that will hate you, for no reason. But why should that stop us! I for one have learnt overtime that other people’s opinions are really the least of my concern. If I still cared about that then I wouldn’t have ever started this blog, or hit upload on YouTube. We have to live the life we want, because in the grand scheme of things, we don’t have a long time to enjoy it.

Beyond even looking at just Zoë, so many other bloggers and YouTubers out there are unfairly judged, and sent so much hate. It’s very easy for people to say, ‘if you don’t want hate, than don’t upload’, but why should sharing a part of your life online mean that you have to accept abuse. Everyone from Em Ford, Zoë, Laura Lee, Felix Kjellberg, they are criticised so much and that’s just from sharing part of their day, or makeup that they love, games they want to play or to connect with people sharing in their interests as well as struggles.

[‘No matter what you do in life, make sure it’s for you]

I love that Zoë has stood up for herself, not by posting hate back, or becoming a nasty person like the haters and trolls, but remaining exactly who she is and quite frankly looking like she is enjoying every minute! I am a fan of Zoë, and more than that, an online friend. So take a lesson from someone who has the whole world watching, no matter what you do in life, make sure it’s for you.

Thank you for reading everyone. If you  haven’t seen Zoë’s Channel all of her information is below, give her a watch because it will definitely brighten your day!


Zoë Sugg (Zoella):




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* All images belong to Zoe Sugg. I do not own. Images courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/zoella/ and www.zoella.co.uk

All images belong to Zoe Sugg. I do not own. Images courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/zoella/

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