Looking at the bright side…


One thing that you will always find, is that time goes incredibly quick. With every year that passes, I find that I can’t quite believe how quickly time has gone.  Here I am 26 years old, and I feel as though it was only yesterday I was sitting in my english lesson in school.

With time seemingly moving even quicker with every passing year, I have been thinking lately how much can change in just a few months. Though I am certainly, not where I want to be in life, I am healthy, I have a great family and I have amazing friends, and for that I have to be thankful. I believe it’s important to look back on where you where even a year before now, and more importantly to look at where you want to be in the future. Writing down what you hope to happen or goals to achieve is also a great way to look ahead. Setting goals, whether big or small, inspire you to work hard, work longer and to have excitement for the future. Too often we can get caught up in the misery of life, but when I am feeling positive, life just always feels a little better. I want to go to sleep feeling grateful and wake up with a smile. At times that can be challenging, even this week has been hellish at work, but I do my best to look a the bigger picture, and strive for better.

So when life gets a little too much, or work gets a little too hectic, remember to spare some time for you to rest, take a step back and just take a breath. Trust me, no matter how bad it gets, we have to be grateful to be able to wake up each day, and look at it as a chance to start the day fresh, to try to be a little more positive and to turn your week around. Today I have already done a little morning Booty call workout courtesy of Tone it up, and I plan on having a glass of wine this evening to enjoy this summer weather. This may only be something small, but its these little things that will get you through a tough day, and hopefully brighten your spirit enough for tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. let me know how you unwind!






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