Essential Items heading into Summer…

The Summer season is in full spring (though sadly no one seems to have told the English weather this). So with Summer comes a whole host of new activities to partake in that Winter just won’t allow. Besides this, summer means we can dine alfresco to our hearts content, enjoy longer evenings and hopefully brighter days. with this in mind I wanted to compile a list of things I know I find myself reaching for in the Summer months, so dust off your sandals and pull out your straw hat…it’s summer time after all!



  1. UmbrellaCath kinston £15.00

Sadly, this is still a summer essential for me. I live in the uk and this is what we have to deal with. I always make sure to carry a compact umbrella with me as our summer is so unpredictable. But if you are going to use an umbrella, than why not let it be a beautiful spring pattern.

2. SunglassesRiver Island £16.00

Probably the most essential item for summer. Not only to protect your eyes but they are just the perfect accessory. Whether you want to match an outfit, just want to avoid eye contact with people or you are looking for the perfect set of shades to wear all summer long, I love sunglasses, and river Island currently have an amazing collection.

3. Sunglasses CaseRiver Island £6.00

Of course along with you sunglasses, what I also find essential is a glasses case. I can’t tell you how often I have broken a pair of glasses just leaving them in my jacket pocket or at the side of my bag. As I purchased some new glasses recently, I wanted to make sure nothing happened this time.

4. Light JacketH&M £19.99

Though with great weather you shouldn’t need a coat or many layers, it’s always good to have a light jacket on hand. A denim jacket works great with casual outfits and even with dresses. Another great alternative is a loose bomber jacket.

5. Reading materialEverything, Everything – £5.99

There’s nothing I love more than taking myself to the park, settle down with a drink, snacks and a few books. Everything in the summer time seems to be so much more leisurely and relaxed, which is the perfect setting for a book. Of course everyone also loves a good holiday read as well. Whether for the beach or the plane, a good book is something I can’t leave home without.

6. Sun lotionHawaiian Tropic £7.00

Maybe this one is a little optimistic for the UK, but it only takes a little sunshine before your skin really does need protection. Another essential for your hand bag, especially for a holiday abroad!

7. SandalsASOS £25.00

Summer is the time to put away the leather boots and Uggs, and whip out the sandals. Light shoes that are comfortable and allow maximum comfort are just one of the reasons I love Summer.

8. Water Bottle- H&M £6.99

Between the vast amount of BBQ’s, summer parties, days out and days at the beach, sometimes you can forget to hydrate. A reusable water bottle is a great way to remind yourself to drink more, especially as the temperature increases.

9. Small summer bagASOS £39.00

This applies to holidays and when you are having a fun day out in the sunshine. A small satchel or handbag you can throw over your body is great for holding the essentials.

Thanks for reading everyone. Let me know your summer essentials, hopefully I get to put these to use, that’s if the British weather realises it is summer!




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