Thoughts: Why it’s good to take a step back…


You may have noticed I didn’t post as many blogs last week, and that’s simply because I just wasn’t feeling inspired enough. I fully believe in being consistent, but I also don’t want to post anything that I’m not proud of or anything that seems forced. I took a few days to take a breather and a step back to reassess, which did the world of good. This got me thinking, not only about my own work and life balance but how we can all use a little mini break from our own head.

Whether you work a crazy amount of hours at a hectic job, balancing children, multiple jobs or just never find the time to stop and think, it’s so vital that you make time for yourself. I personally love spending time by myself, and really enjoy my own company. Maybe that’s because my house is always full of people and pets, or that when I’m at my job it goes extremely quickly that you really don’t have time to stop and take a breath. When the opportunity arises, I highly believe that taking some alone time is just what the doctor ordered. Whether having an hour or two for a long lunch, taking some time to relax on the couch with a book, or even a few days of solo bliss,it can truly reawaken everything.

For me to unwind, I love to head to my local park, take a book, my headphones and just take in the fresh air and zone out of my own thoughts. Being able to step back brings a world more of inspiration, and bliss.

Let me know how you unwind in the comments.





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