My Perfect day of Rest and relaxation…

When I have a day off from work, you can usually find me still very busy. Between blogging, keeping up with my friends and family, and everything else that we all somehow manage to fit into a 24 hour period, it’s quite rare that I actually take a full day of just doing nothing but spending time at home and having a lazy day. It’s so important to make time for yourself. I have been stressed before and I know how easy it can be for anyone to feel overworked.  Having a lazy day sometimes is just what the doctor ordered. Here is how I like to spend a day off from everything….

Leisurely Breakfast


Breakfast is one of my favourite meals ever. Everyday I try to make enough time to enjoy my breakfast, however there are times when a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast is all you have time for. When I have a day off, I really like to make the most of it and prepare a delicious breakfast that allows me to slow down, appreciate what I’m eating and enjoy a mellow and leisurely start to the day.

Reading for the soul 


I usually carry a book with me whether I’m in work or just going shopping, but sometimes I forget to read it or even forget I have it. Having time to catch up on the many books that are on my to read pile, is always something that makes me happy. Diving into a completely different world that is all about your own imagination is a perfect way for me to unwind. If i’m not reading however, I also really enjoy just writing myself. Whether in my journal, writing blog ideas, poems, anything that sparks my creative side.

Take a breath of fresh air


What better way to enjoy a chilled spring day than spending some time outdoors. Luckily I have a park quite close by, so when the weather permits, taking my sisters dog for a stroll is a great way to relax. I love to spend a few hours in the park with some drinks, snacks and either reading or listening to music.

Quality time 

What better way to spend your day off then spending time with friends and family. We are all so busy, that it is hard sometimes to even find the time to hang out with friends, and have quality time with your family. I love having the time to have an actual conversation with my friends, playing in the park with my niece or just enjoying a family meal. Yes it’s important to catch up on sleep, washing up, catching your breath, but spending time with the people you love is always a great way to unwind.






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