Spring scents: Find your scent for the season…


A good signature scent in my opinion is hard to find. There are so many perfumes out there, beautiful scents, floral tones, sharp scents and everything in between. One of the qualities I absolutely adore about perfume, is that the scents have the ability to completely change depending on who is wearing them. I have worn perfumes and even body mists that I have been complimented on by friends or family members, yet when they try the same perfume it adapts to their own natural scent and completely changes.

This means that even with the same perfume, you can still have an individual scent that is unique to you. Why not embrace the spring time and check out a new scent to start trying this spring time.

Sarah Jessica Parker- Lovely 


Lovely by name, and this name is perfect for this scent. It is lighter than your average perfume without losing that strong scent once you spritz it on to your skin. A little goes a long way with this and it truly embodies the word bring. it has floral tones and a is long-lasting on your skin.

Boux Avenue – White Chiffon



This is probably one of my all time favourites. I would almost describe as more of a body mist as the scent is very light, but it is one that I simply adore. This is quite a romantic scent in my eyes. if you have ever been to a Boux Avenue store, you will recognise this as they have this gorgeous scent flowing throughout. It is actually how I first came to buy this lovely little perfume, as I could not stop saying how lovely the sore smelt. This is a great price at only £10.00, and a perfect little spritzer to keep in your handbag.

Next- Define 


This scent in my opinion has a slight more gender neutral vibe, i think both men and women would be able to wear this scent easily. This is a little more defined in terms of scent, and therefore a little better for the evening time in my opinion. So if you are heading for drinks as the sunsets or off for a fabulous meal during springtime this would be a great perfume to try. it has a very inviting scent without being too heavy.

What is your favourite scent for spring? Let me know in the comments.





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