My 1 Year blog Birthday!



It’s hard to believe a year has already gone by since I first started my blog. It has been a better experience than I could have ever hoped for. Today I just wanted to reflect black on the year, where the blog started, where I hope it progresses and what I have learned so far…

Starting out

If you have followed my blog for sometime, you know that the reason I initially started a blog was a bit of an escape from my job. It was just a place to discuss things I was enjoying, topics on my mind and really just having something to look forward to after work. Obviously blogging has blown up in the last couple of years, so there were definitely times that I started comparing my blog to others, wondering if I should do more posts like other people, I have definitely experimented and still do now, but over the course of the year of blogging I know I have found a happy medium of posts I enjoy. I will continue to always draw inspiration for the blog, and hopefully keep it consistent, interesting, entertaining and informative. The first few months of blogging I think I was a little all over the place 🙂 I put pressure on myself far too much, one thing I have definitely learnt is to always keep in your mind why you actually enjoy your hobby. Recently I decided to take a break and not post anything for one week, and though it is necessary to relax, I couldn’t help but still plan for the next few days. That to me, is a great reminder that I love blogging, though it isn’t my full-time job, I do treat it as such, and just as important. Starting out this blog, I really experimented with the content, but after a year I really feel as though I have found the style and content I truly enjoy.


Learning along the way


My logo developed as my blog became a more than just a hobby…

To say I have learnt a great deal is an understatement. Not only in blogging terms, about domains, SEO, hosting and so much more, I have also discovered a lot more about myself. (Cheesy I know). Any hobby you have will always take time and dedication, whether you enjoy singing lessons, football, or like myself blogging and piano lessons. I have developed even better time management skills because of this blog, and because I am dedicated to making it the best it can possibly be. Sometimes you have to sacrifice other plans or even sleep if you have a lot to catch up on, but I am happy to do it because whilst being a little tired I can cope with, putting out a blog post I am not fully satisfied with is something I would never be able to do. Endless amounts of googling the benefits of vs, hosting, domain names and more has also allowed me to learn so much more about the blogging world, and about the internet in general. Though HTML is still a something I can’t quite fully grasp just yet, I am amazed at how much knowledge I have gained over the pas 12 months, just from trial and error.


What’s next


The last few months I really feel as though I have found a better rhythm of blogging, not only the frequency of posts, but more importantly the content. I have explored a lot of my interests on the blog, but in the past month in particular I have really tried to hone in on things I want to share to readers, that anyone who views can gain something from. There are a lot of generic blogs out there, and I’m sure there are similar ones to mine too, but having informative and interesting content is something i will always aim to do. I would love to expand my blog further, and in the very distant future maybe even be inspired enough to find a way to work full-time for myself. Not only on this blog but my YouTube channel and other ventures as well. To me I am happiest when I am producing wonderful content, whatever comes in this next year and beyond is all just an added bonus!

I am so proud of where my little blog is currently at, and after a year I could not be more motivated to continue to work on this and more exciting things. I really just wanted to take the time to say thank you to each and every visitor to my blog. Thank you for viewing even one of my posts, because it really does mean so much to me.


Thank you lovely readers…here’s to another year of Adele with love!




Lots and lots of Love





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