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Often I find that people do a lot of things for the benefit of others or for the approval of others. Whether it is pretending to like something you don’t actually like, dressing differently for people, changing your opinions or even being something you’re truly not. Even though we live in a society that is arguably more narcissistic than it once was, somehow we also value others opinions more than ever. But why?

I know that as a teenager I would always be thinking of how others see me. I wanted the latest phone, better clothes and just to be liked. I valued how others saw me far more than how I actually saw myself. Along with that I also wanted to emulate so many people who I was a fan of on TV or in magazines. There is nothing wrong with thinking that you would like to be similar to someone you really love. But often I thought that being like them would be better than being me. I’m sure there are many boys and girls that go through these same feelings on a daily basis. It’s so important to remind people why they are special, and why they should be themselves.

Having confidence to be yourself is not always easy, and definitely something that comes with age. I don’t always have confidence in myself even now, but over time you slowly care less about what others think, which allows you to be who you are and own it. Starting a blog has definitely helped me gain more confidence and just let go of doubting myself. Whether that is doubting my looks, feeling as though my curly hair isn’t as pretty as straight, not feeling intelligent enough, fit enough or simply not being enough, over the years I have learnt that loving yourself is SO important. I don’t mean taking a million selfies until you feel good about yourself, or telling others how fabulous you are on an hourly basis, but truly valuing yourself and who you are. If you have an opinion express it and be assured that you are entitled to your own feelings regardless if people agree. Wear what you like and own it, as long as you are being yourself, confidence will always follow.

We need to stop seeking praise from others and doing the praising ourselves!

Being liked is great, having people appreciate you as a friend, sister, mother, daughter and everything else is also wonderful, but we need to make sure we are always putting ourselves first and always showing ourselves and each other love.

Thank you for reading.





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