New Brushes: Finishing and Blush brush

Recently I have tried to focus any expansion of my makeup collection to essential tools and products that I can use, long-term. If you have seen my recent post, then you know I recently invested in some Sigma Kabuki brushes. The brushes are excellent for applying your base makeup such as foundation, bronzer and liquids. However, I really wanted to expand my brush collection further, so that I have every brush available for the looks I want to create.

For that reason, I recently added two more brushes to my collection. I picked up the Real techniques Bold metals blush brush and the So Eco finishing brush. Both of these are a gorgeous quality, so, so soft which I love and most importantly they work!

Bold Metals Blush Brush

I was a little reluctant to even use the Bold metals brush, as it is so beautiful. The soft pink colour of the brush itself is so delicate and perfect for a blusher brush. The handle is also longer than you would really need for a blusher brush, but I kind of love using it, because you can just sweep the blush across holding the brush at a distance. I have to say, even after only a few uses this brush is every bit as perfect as I expected it to be.

So Eco Finishing Brush


The second brush, is the So Eco Finishing brush  and I was equally thrilled to try it. It is a cruelty free brand, that not only focus on the cruelty free aspect, but also use sustainable and recyclable ingredients. The brush is small in size, but definitely of a great quality. I think this would be absolutely perfect for your makeup bag because of it’s size. This brush can be used for liquid and powder, however I can really see myself using this mainly for highlighter or blending.

I actually ordered these brushes from a new website I have been so happy to discover this site as they offer a range of brushes at great prices, and fast delivery. They very kindly offered to send me two brushes of my choice in order to see how their service is, and the quality of the brushes.  Both of these brushes arrived very quickly, I was actually surprised how quick in fact. Makeup do offer free 1st class delivery, so if you are in desperate need of brushes and need them quick, I would highly suggest ordering from here.
I have actually decided to pick up a few more since these brushes arrived, which I will definitely update you on soon!

The bold metals blush brush and So Eco finishing brush are definitely new favourites of mine. The softness is unreal, which makes application a breeze.

If you would like to order a few brushes from or check them out, their links are below 🙂



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