Spring Beauty: New Additions



As the daffodils start to bloom, and the sunshine lasts a little longer into the evening, I am beginning to see the spring season begin. With that in mind, I wanted to update my makeup bag a little to match the spring season. Recently I have been a little behind on some makeup essentials that were in desperate need of topping up. It’s been slightly hectic the last few weeks, and though I have had these items on my to do list, I just never seemed to make time. It would be easy for me to drop into Boots or Superdrug and grab any concealer or blush, but I really am trying to do my research and continually support cruelty free brands as well as educate myself further on animal cruelty within the cosmetics industry.

Whilst perusing a few different online sites, and continually adding items to my shopping bag, without checking out (my favourite hobby) I found myself on feel unique and saw that they had some great prices and offers, so I took the opportunity to finally update my makeup essentials.







I have read really great things about Nyx over the years. They are very affordable, cruelty free and offer a great variety in products. So much so, that I really struggled to choose between the many blushes available. I finally narrowed it down to just two somehow. The blushes I purchased were Wanderlust and Chiffon, those names alone are enough to make you want to buy them! In terms of blusher, I usually prefer the peachy toned blushes rather than bright pink and Nyx had fantastic options for my preference. The blushers, can also be used for a highlight, so I am really excited to see how they look on. Both of my choices are the perfect shades, light, peachy and gorgeously flecked with a hint of highlight.






Staying on with the Nyx brand, I really wanted to try the Nyx HD concealer, as I have read a lot of great reviews about this, and often see this concealer used as a dupe for some of the higher end brands. I really love concealers in this format, with the pump and applicator. It is much better than using your fingers, and in my opinion easier to apply the product to my skin.

I purchased the shade 05 medium, which on first inspection seems to be a good match. Although I am tempted to also get a lighter shade for a better highlight for my under eye area too. On first look, I love the shade, and packaging and I am really looking forward to letting you know how well it works.





My final purchase was less of an essential, but one that I am so glad I bought. I have wanted to try the Sigma brushes for a long time, after continually seeing fabulous reviews about the quality of the brushes. Feel unique had a great offer for the Kabuki brushes, therefore I finally decided to make the purchase.  These brushes are absolutely gorgeous, the quality and the softness are amazing, and I cannot wait to start creating some looks with these brushes. In the set there are 5 Kabuki brushes:

These brushes will be perfect for creating some new looks and I cannot wait to see how they work!

Let me know if you have tried any of the products I listed, I would love to know your thoughts.





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