Why I Love my city… Liverpool!


I often talk about my favourite places to visit in my home city of Liverpool, and why I love these places. But today I wanted to talk about my city as a whole, and why I love being able to call it home. Everyone is proud of where they come from, and even if you decide to move to another city, or another country, I don’t think anything can feel quite like being home does. I’m sharing what aspects of Liverpool make this city amazing to me.


The History



As someone who loves reading, history and particularly the gorgeous historical architecture to be found around the world, the historical side of Liverpool has always appealed to me. Not only for the beautiful buildings, but also because Liverpool is fantastic at celebrating history as a whole. I personally love visiting the Central library and World museum in the city centre, I adore these buildings, and the history they contain within them. Whether I am walking past St Georges Hall on my way to Lime street station, or sitting on the steps of the world museum, I always feel such happiness and feel so privileged that I get to visit these buildings as often as I like.

Beyond the architecture of Liverpool, throughout the city you will discover great history wherever you find yourself exploring. The Albert dock holds not only the Liverpool museum, but so many wonderful places to see where Liverpool really strived in the past, as the Maritime city it is. Liverpool not only has stunning buildings and landmarks that show the journey this city has been on, but also has a fantastic celebration of what has made the city great.



The Experience and Activities 

Beyond the history of the city, what I also love about Liverpool is just how much there is to do in the city. From general day-to-day shopping, great restaurants and secret eats, there are so many amazing places to visit and events taking place throughout the year to experience. The Africa Oye festival, International food festival, and bigger events such as the famous Giants that have taken over the city on more than one occasion are just some of the amazing things you can experience in Liverpool.

Over last few years Liverpool has grown so much, there’s always something exciting going on and amazing new experiences to try. Beyond the one-off events, there are classic seasonal events such as the Winter wonderland in Liverpool one, watching the Christmas lights be switched on at St George’s Hall and even seeing the daffodils bloom in Sefton Park, which are all things I look forward to each year. I love that so many people come to visit the city because of the fantastic events we have, and I also love how much Liverpool has developed over the years. It’s amazing how Liverpool One has changed the city so much, it is wonderful to walk through the shopping centre, grab a coffee, window shop, enjoy lunch on the steps or do some serious damage to my credit card!


The People

Without a doubt, what I love more than anything about Liverpool, is the people here. Scousers are some of the friendliest, warmest and hilarious people you can ever meet. Yes, I am a scouser, so that sounds a little like I’m tooting my own horn 🙂 but it’s honestly so true for so many people. Scousers are amazing people, and we are extremely proud of our city. I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else. Though I have not traveled enough to say for sure that I wouldn’t want to move eventually, I really can’t imagine leaving Liverpool. I love being in this amazing place and I feel very lucky that Liverpool is my home.

Whether you live here as well, or plan on coming to visit for the first time there is so much to see and do, and I only hope you love the city as much as I do. You can learn more about Liverpool and the history through the travel lodge Evolving cities project here.

Thank you for reading everyone. Let me know what you love about your home city!






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