The Tone it up Challenge: Week 7

Week 7! How is it the end of week 7 already!

You know it’s amazing how time has gone so much quicker than I anticipated. 8 weeks sounds so daunting at the beginning, but after finishing week 7, I’m really happy how it’s gone so far. The final week is here and I want to finish strong, but for now let’s talk about week 7.

It hasn’t been my best week, because of work I haven’t worked out as much as I should, which is annoying but at the same time it motivates me to do better. For me, exercise is either all or nothing. If I miss a work out, I also end up missing the next three, but if I start the week with exercise, I carry it on and do more and better throughout the week. It’s really important that I do work out, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day, so this week has been a great reminder of that.

Food wise, I’ve enjoyed the recipes within the plan, but strayed a little when it came to meal prep. That being said, I only had one lunch time when I didn’t make it in advance. I actually love meal prep, it makes so much difference to my diet, it makes it easier to stay healthy and getting ready for work is a breeze.

All of the Tone it up team are so great at keeping each other motivated, so even though my exercise has slacked this week, seeing everyone else prepare for the final week is amazing and I can’t wait to get going for week 8!

Thanks for reading everyone!



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