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Today I wanted to discuss a little more in-depth about the gift bag I received from the Liverpool Bloggers party. Though I have yet to use some of the gifts included such as the gift vouchers and some beauty products, I wanted to talk about the things I do really love from the gift bag, and how I feel about this kind of event after having more time to reflect.

I really enjoyed the blogger party, and getting to know a few people who have an interest in the same things as I do. I also got to meet a few brands, which was really enjoyable, as it’s nice to put a face to a name, especially when they are as lovely as the people I met. We all received a gift bag at the end of the night, and it was really lovely to see the thought that had gone into these bags. However, I have been a little torn about writing about the gifts. Not all of them, but just a few, as some of these gifts I know I won’t actually use. I don’t want to use products that are associated with animal cruelty, something I have spoken about previously, so it has been a little strange to be in this position.

I am so appreciative to all of the brands that have contributed to the gift bag, but you won’t see me using products if I don’t believe in the company behind them. The whole point in receiving these gifts is to make us aware of the brands, and also to offer a true opinion. The products in question I am talking about where gifted by the Beauty Bazaar – Harvey Nichols. I actually really love the Beauty Bazaar, which is located in Liverpool One. They offer some great brands, that are cruelty free, and the staff are so helpful every time you enter the shop. It’s just some of the products I received in my bag happened not to be cruelty free, so I won’t be using them. However, my mum and sister are excited to try the products included.


That being said, Nails inc was included and it is cruelty free. I’m not much of a nail varnish girl but the nails inc brand is highly recommended and really quick drying which is a major plus in my book! Cellex- C is also cruelty free and though I havent yet tried this SPF cream, I know it will come in handy for the warmer months in particular.

Beyond the Beauty Bazaar, I also wanted to use this post to talk about a two brands I really loved meeting and connecting with at the event, as well as a few other gifts received.

Gifts for me and You


The Gifts for me and you ladies were in attendance at the event, and it was really lovely to get to meet them. They were nothing but smiles, and really passionate about their business. In each gift bag there was a personalized pick for each of the bloggers. Stephanie and Alex of the brand actually looked at each of our blogs to see what gifts we would like (how amazing is that).

I received a knitted hat, which is right up my street. I’ve actually made a few hats myself and it is so time-consuming and hard to keep count of whether you are knitting or purling, so I know how much work must go into them. When I tried the hat on, I actually found it a little small for me, I do have a big head, but it was a little disappointing. However, I sent a message to Gifts for me and you and they were so sweet and assured me the hat does stretch and fit. I have tried it a few times and it has stretched which is great, though I still could do with it being a little bigger. I love the colour combinations in the hat, and whilst the bobble is just a little too big for me personally, I really, really do love this gift. The business has nothing but great reviews, they can custom make hats, pillows and other special items to your taste, and whether you are buying for yourself or a friend, I would highly recommend giving them a try.




Gifts for me and you – Facebook // Gifts for me and you – Twitter


Inky Trail


Inky trail is another brand that I loved meeting at the event. It is just one woman Faaizah, who owns and runs this. Inky trail produces t-shirts and bags that have been custom designed and the material is organic and recycled which I love. I have not had a chance to choose what T-shirt I want to go with, as they all look super cute, but I love what the company represents and that it is very much a passion project. Fazziah was absolutely lovely to talk to, and we had some really great conversation about the blogging world as a whole, and it was lovely to see how passionate she is about her business! Anyone who is going after what they love is always inspiring to see. It’s hard to decide to take a chance on yourself and gamble, but seeing others do it, really inspires me to do the same and go for what I want!

Inky Trail – Website


Liverpool Bloggers actually provided a few gifts as well which was above and beyond what they had to do. We received a little keepsake frame with a lovely little quote, a hair towel in their signature colour Pink and the gift bag itself! Steph from Liverpool bloggers is lovely, so kind, and clearly Loves what she does. Whilst I don’t know whether I would go to quite the same style of event, I would love to work with Steph in the future. I love seeing people passionate about what they do and Steph is the perfect example of this.

I’m excited to see where this blog takes me in the future, but I started this for fun and to talk about things I love, that inspire me and to voice my own thoughts and opinions, so it’s very important that I always continue that. As appreciative as I am for the gift bag, I want to make sure I stick to that, and stick to products I genuinely want to use 🙂

I talked about the Bloggers event here in full, and all the brands that were involved.  I haven’t yet visited some of the involved brands, but I’m excited to see what they have to offer 🙂

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