My Liverpool day date


Today I wanted to just have a little catch up with you and talk about how I like to spend my days off from work. Though the weather is absolutely freezing this week, I did still manage to get up and out of the comfort of my snuggly bed and head out into the city centre. I actually had a few pictures to take for the blog, so I started by heading right out to the Albert Dock. Let me tell you, it was freezing! I love visiting the docks, whether for food and drink or even paying  the few shops and museums a visit, but one thing I can’t handle is how windy it is! My photographing excursion didn’t last long, one because of the cold, but also because I am having camera issues at the minute as well (not the best combination).


After moving on from the Docks, I then did a little window shopping. I have a few things I am saving up for currently, so I didn’t want to spend any money but I actually love window shopping. Seeing what clothes are currently out, looking at home-ware and planning what my future house will look like or simply going to check on the things I am saving for, you know just to check they are still there 🙂

I walked through Liverpool One checking out stores such as Paperchase, Zara, H&M and John Lewis. I absolutely love walking around John Lewis, as it has a little of everything. Clothes, home-ware, beauty counters (My favourite), some electronics I am very interested in currently and of course the haberdashery. This is also one of my favourite places in the store. I have literally spent hours picking out wool, material and accessories for my creative projects I have done in the past, my most recent of which was a christmas quilt for my mum.

After shopping, there is always time for food and coffee! I went to one of my favourite places in the city The Garden by Leaf at Fact. If you have followed my blog for a while, you may have seen my post about this spot here.

The Garden never, never disappoints! I had a Cappuccino and the Goats cheese, roasted red pepper and pesto sandwich. Whilst there, I read my book for a little bit and also went through some of my photographs. It wasn’t too busy, so I was able to take my time and enjoy my lunch, without feeling like I had to rush out to free up the table. After that, I headed home to get warm and relax even further.



It was the perfect little solo day date. I ticked some things off from my to do list, got a little more organised for my plans over the next few days and enjoyed some me time. I really don’t mind eating alone, shopping by myself or just flying solo sometimes. I actually really love it.  I think everyone needs to be able to hang out alone and enjoy their own company. Though hanging out with my family or friends is much more enjoyable, the odd day date alone is also a perfect way to spend an afternoon.






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