The Tone it up challenge: Week 6


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Today I wanted to talk about the tone it up challenge week 6. This week hasn’t been a tough week as such, but more of a learning curve. I have had pizza and cupcakes this week, and whilst I don’t feel guilt, because I don’t believe you should ever feel guilty over food, I am disappointed that I have not stuck to the plan 100%. That being said this plan is a kick-start to a healthy year, and healthy habits. What I see as healthy is a balanced diet and working out. Balance to me includes the odd treat, so as part of a long journey of health, I don’t feel too bad, but just in terms of the challenge, I do wish I had stuck to all the meals.

Besides the pizza during this week, I have enjoyed more of my favourite meals from the plan. I do follow it to the best of my ability, but occasionally swapping some meals for other Tone it up approved ones is better for my taste buds and my bank balance! I went a little granola crazy this week, but that’s ok, sometimes you just can’t help wanting the same meal a few times 🙂


I am heading into the final two weeks of the challenge, and I really want to go out with a bang! I want to exercise more, make my diet choices the best they possibly can be and keep the motivated feeling I have had for the past 6 weeks. I fully intend to make great choices after the challenge, but now is the time to see what hard work can do, and see what results it can bring!

Let me know if you have any tips for staying motivated!

Thanks for reading everyone 🙂






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