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Hello lovely readers,

Today I wanted to talk about the cocktail making class I attended a few weeks ago, as part of the Liverpool bloggers party I attended. I wanted to talk a little more about the cocktail making masterclass we took part in as I really enjoyed it. The class took place at Revolution in Liverpool city centre, it was actually a Saturday night as well, so there was plenty of atmosphere to go with the class. We were greeted by one of the bar tenders named Michael who was really friendly, energetic and was also really good at keeping us all focused and entertained.

We began the class with a welcome cocktail, this drink was a Woo woo, which generally I don’t like, but this version was really tasty and enjoyable. Already I was excited to try more of the cocktails on the menu after being pleasantly surprised by the first drink. After we had our welcome drinks, Michael then got us to choose which drink we wanted to make, and we came behind the bar in two’s or three’s. Each of us then made our own drinks, with the assistance of Michael throughout. I decided to make the Captain Coconut as my favourite cocktail is the Pina Colada, any chance to have something similar I will take.


Captain coconut

Micheal was really great, chatting away with us, making sure the measurements were correct, and keeping everyone interested even if we hadn’t made our cocktail yet.

Making the cocktail was actually easier than I had anticipated, it involved a lot of ice! But seeing what goes into the cocktails is also really great. I love the cocktails in revolution anyway, but trying out the new cocktails they have recently added to the menu was great. For the class we paid £20 each, which was pretty great as we had two cocktails, and a shot as well as some light bites provided as well. The food was lovely, we had pizza, normal fries and sweet potato fries, there were also mini burgers and chicken bites. I was pleased to see there was enough veggie options provided as well as meat dishes, so it was a very good balance. After we had a food break, the class ended with a fun game. All of us were divided into two groups, and we had to form somewhat of an assembly line, and pass the ingredients needed to make a mojito one by one. This was really fun, and would be particularity fun for a group of friends.

We had only met that night, but it was a great way to really forget about any nerves or shyness and just concentrate on winning…which my team did! 🙂 I would highly recommend taking part in one of these classes. Whether for a birthday, a hen party or just something different to do, it is super fun, entertaining and just a really good night.



Enjoying my coconut cocktail!


Thanks for reading everyone!






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