The Tone it up challenge: Week 5

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It officially week 6 of the Tone it up plan, which means the end of the 8 week challenge is fast approaching, which is crazy to me, this has gone a lot quicker than I thought it would!

Week five has been good, though I feel like my meals were not as enjoyable as they have been in other weeks. All have been tasty enough, but as a new week begins, I feel as though I would much rather stick to recipes that I have really loved so far. Such as a simple protein shakes, mexican plate which involves taco beans, salsa, wraps, and salad, and my favourite protein pancakes! I think is the best thing at this point as I know it’s food I will enjoy, its relatively simple, and it means I won’t need to meal prep a ton of different recipes at the same time.


For the end of week 5, I did enjoy a treat meal of pizza and a brownie, but I made sure to do plenty of exercise beforehand to fully balance this. To be honest though, whilst it was a nice meal, I didn’t love it. Which just shows that even when allowing myself a bit of an indulgence from the healthier meals, it’s not always enjoyable. I am quite happy to continue with the challenge rather than eating more pizza, or chocolate and throwing away all of the hard work. Once in while a treat meal is great, but I am really enjoying the healthy start to the year I have had, and want to continue on after the 8 weeks. That being said, when the challenge is over, I do fully intend to celebrate easter with a chocolate egg.

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