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Hi Everyone,

So today I wanted to take you along to another part of my home town. I am showing you another place I highly recommend, which is Liverpool One.



Liverpool One is still quite a new development, having first opened in 2008. In only a short amount of time however, it has become a source for everything you could need. Shopping, restaurants, entertainment as well as special and seasonal fun things to do. I love my city, but before Liverpool One appeared, people often had to travel elsewhere for a majority of shops and brands such as Manchester city centre and the Trafford centre. I am so happy that Liverpool is now able to offer more and more of these sought after brands, open more stores and really be able to rival the bigger shopping centres. I was recently in John Lewis and saw that a Charlotte Tilbury counter is currently underway and I practically squealed for joy. (Sad I know).

So what does Liverpool One have to offer?

Liverpool one is first and foremost about shopping. There are an endless amount of shops you can explore, from your favourite high street stores such as Topshop, Primark, New Look, Oasis and more. As well as the high-end brands you can find throughout Liverpool one and the Keys Court area. The brands such as Karen Millen, Tessuti, Whistles, and Michael Kors can be found here, but clothing stores are only the beginning for Liverpool One. What I love is that you can go with the intention of just buying a dress or a pair of shoes, and yet find yourself still wandering round or sitting in a cafe four hours later. I love getting lost in the shops, and as I don’t go there every week, there is always something different, something new and exciting to find (such as a new makeup counters 😉 ).



Beyond the excellent stores available that definitely do some damage to your bank account, the dining options within Liverpool One are also what makes it a great place to visit. My favourite restaurant is part of Liverpool One which is the gorgeous Thai restaurant Chaophraya. Although there are countless other restaurants I could rave about, let me just take a minute to praise Chaophraya! The food is delicious and fresh,the staff are wonderful and it is just a beautiful restaurant to dine in. It is only restaurant I really ever recommend, and besides the food, I highly suggest you go purely to see the amazing toilets they have there (Think Romeo and Juliet the fish tank scene).

There are so many restaurants within Liverpool One, and I still haven’t tried them all. I think there really is something for everyone in terms of food. There is Pizza express, Cafe Rouge, Las Iguanas, the oh so popular Nandos and plenty more. If you just need a quick break between shopping, there are plenty of cafes too, with new ones always popping up. You have your usual suspects of Starbucks, Cafe Nero, and more, but personally I love to go to Waterstones where there is a small cafe inside. You can sit and chill, and there are also chairs and couches spread out the 1st floor where you can read the books, perfect afternoon.



What I also really love about Liverpool One is that they always have fun activities and events on. In the summer there is usually a little beach constructed at the top, with beach huts, games and cocktails available. You can also find a small tennis court, where people can enjoy a game, when the weather is warm enough. Now that it is nearly winter, the winter wonderland ice festival is currently being constructed. I love this time of year, particularly walking through the shopping centre and visiting the Wonderland. There is usually an ice bar, rides and an ice skating rink, though I have never been brave enough to try. If you love christmas and the festive season, I really suggest you try the winter wonderland. Think of hot chocolates, crepes, rides and winter hats all rolled into one.

Besides the seasonal events on, Liverpool One also has a Crazy golf course and a Cinema (where I actually used to work). L1 is a place you could literally spend your whole day exploring, I love the shops that it offers, the food it provides and I really do believe that the staff, not just within the stores and restaurants but the L1 staff you will find walking around are really great. Though I may still take the occasional shopping trip elsewhere, I think Liverpool One is fantastic, and is definitely one of my favourite parts of the city.

Thank you for reading everyone, let me know you’re favourite places to spend the day!







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