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Hi Everyone,

So today I wanted to show a little love and talk about some special bloggers that inspire and motivate me. Though I don’t know these ladies personally, I honestly feel as though I do. There are an endless amount of bloggers out there, and their subject matter is anything and everything you can imagine. From beauty, travel, lifestyle, reviews, games, celebrities and fashion. That list is only the beginning, and with this amount of bloggers out there some may be discouraged to even start. I myself felt like that a few years ago. I actually joined picked a blog name, posted one thing and then swiftly stopped. I didn’t think there was a place for me, and not continuing is something I really regret. Though I’m sure I would have posted a few things that I would probably cringe at now 🙂 the fact that I didn’t believe in myself is something I often think about. Though I am still very new to the blogging world, having only started this year, I feel completely different this time around. I am still learning, I am still being very critical of my posts, my photographs and everything else. But now I am critical because I want more than anything to make this blog the best it can be. I want for anyone to land on my site and understand how much I love to discuss the topics that I do, and to see how much I want to improve this blog for their enjoyment. I am critical because I care, not because I am not confident in my ability.

There are several reasons why I am so motivated with my blog, but one thing more than anything really stand out. I am inspired. I am inspired by the people around me that are also working hard, tirelessly in fact to make their own work fantastic and successful. It from these people that inspire me, that I challenge myself to do more and do better. So I wanted to write this post to highlight some of my favorite bloggers and why they help me.

With all my affection- arielle tan

My first blogger I have to mention is Arielle Tan, who runs the fantastic blog With all my affection. Arielle was one of the first people to welcome me to the WordPress community. Not only did she help me figure out basic theme problems, but has always been available for any questions I have had since I started my blog. Just knowing I have someone who understand the struggle of creating great blog content as well as working a full time job is wonderful. Arielle discusses so many topics on her blog, often with a focus on the cool and beautiful places in Canada where she is based. With all my affection is truly as Arielle describes, a love story with life. Not only does this blog explore interests of mine, it is the perfect balanade of wonderlust reviews, advice, food, beauty and exploring places in Canada.

Arielle inspires me to work harder. I know that if Arielle can work full time and still create this wonderful blog, with interesting and original posts, so can I.



  1. October 31, 2015 / 1:21 pm

    Oh wow thank you so incredibly much for the mention!
    It means a lot to be part of your blogger inspirations 🙂 And your new blog looks gorgeous! I was thinking of changing my layout in December and Pigdig has the most gorgeous ones I find <3

      October 31, 2015 / 1:24 pm

      Your welcome! Of course I would mention you. Your blog is amazing. Thank you! I still have loads of changes to make but yes pip dig are great. Really good when you have questions too xx

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