My Beauty Pet Peeves…

I love beauty items, I love makeup, and I am slowly learning to improve my makeup techniques, more and more. I also love reading and watching tutorials and getting tips from others. But there are certain parts of beauty that I don’t love so much. You know those boring things or annoying parts that you have to do but really hate? I thought I would highlight a few of those today…mainly because I often avoid doing these things when I can 🙂

Shaving your legs (And/ Or your other bits)


Giving my razor a pep talk

I love how my legs feel after I shave, but actually doing the shaving always feels like an effort. If I remember to do it in the shower then it’s great but more often than not I don’t. Even worse, is when you do shave and then realise you’ve missed a spot!

Painting your nails and it smudges

I’m not really into fancy nail art, or even painting my nails on a regular basis. But when I do, the one thing that always makes me regret starting my nails is the dreaded smudge! When your nails polish hits the skin, and you frantically run to get the nail polish remover before it’s too late. Not my idea of relaxing. Maybe I would be best letting professionals handle my nails?


Trying to fix your eyebrows when they need waxing or shaping 

This is a major one for me. I have been going through a cycle of growing out my brows to get them waxed, but then I get so annoyed trying to apply my brow kit/ pencil to them I end up plucking the stray hairs and land back at square one! But trying to make some sort of shape out of your brows when they have no shape….honestly, the struggle is real guys.

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Cleaning my makeup brushes

I don’t know if anyone actually enjoys doing this. I love how clean and brand new the brushes look after, but actually cleaning them is just one of those things that you know you have to do, but could find a lot of excuses to avoid actually doing it. Especially if you wear makeup everyday this is particularly annoying. Sometimes the brushes take longer to try than you would think, so makeup sure you clean them, at a time that you won’t need to use them for a while.


Taking off my eye makeup 

I love trying new looks with eyeliner, and even more so with eye shadows these days, but when the time comes to take this makeup off…it is tough. For everyday makeup my face cleanser does the job, but when you have a dramatic makeup look, it feels like you will have eyeliner permanently on your eyes for at least a week. Unless you take a chisel to your eyelashes, you end up using ten wipes, three rounds of a cleanser and even then there is still evidence of the makeup left.


When you just want to sleep but the makeup won’t come off…

These are just a few parts of beauty that I don’t really enjoy! What are your Beauty Pet peeves? Let me know below 🙂




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  1. September 18, 2015 / 2:20 pm

    Oh my gosh, I am with you on every-single-one of these! I cannot stand shaving. Smudging a fresh manicure is the worst, and removing eye makeup is always the last thing I want to do at night, but I always end up forcing myself lol. Such a fun post! XOXO

    • September 18, 2015 / 2:50 pm

      I’m glad, I’m not alone! I think the nail polish or the eye makeup might be my least favourite though. Both so annoying haha

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