New Season….What Autumn brings

Hi everyone,

So it’s officially the end of summer, school is back, sunny days with BBQ’s are a distant dream and day drinking just doesn’t have quite the same appeal (although a glass of wine is always a good idea). But I wanted to share with you some great things to look forward over the Autumn and winter months, I was always a winter girl rather than summer. But the past few years I’ve been much keener for the summer months. However, winter just has the added appeal of comfort. So why not read on get a little excited for the things to come:


Winter clothing

With the cold weather, obviously comes a change of clothing too. Saying so long to the denim shorts and crop tops in favour of a big chunky cardigan, thick scarf and one of my favourite things….winter hats! I love wrapping up warm, making the most out of my scarf collection, and getting to invest in a gorgeous coat. Though shopping for a coat is not fun at all!


Nights in with friends

Not that I don’t take full advantage of this in the summer, but there’s something about the colder months that make going out less of a priority. Some of my friends and I have taken to having our own mini christmas get together before the 25th to exchange gifts, have a big roast and watch films all night. It was one of my favourite days last year, and I hope we can do the same this year. Staying in, talking, bonding and getting cosy is one of my favourite parts of Autumn and Winter.

Comfort food

Rainy and snowy weather always makes me crave hot soup with fresh bread, a tasty stew or just anything with mash potato. Nothing is better than mash potato and gravy when you need some good old comfort food to keep you warm! Yes we do tend to add a few pound on in the colder months, but with a bit of balance, you can indulge over winter and still be ready for the warmer months ahead. Life is far too short to eat salad when it’s snowing!

Beauty change

I love that when Autumn comes around, you can use this time to experiment a little with your look, or even change it up completely. Darker lipsticks, a change to you everyday beauty look, and even going a shade or two darker with your hair. The Autumn is a perfect time to try out some new looks, that you wouldn’t get to do in summer.


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The best reason to get excited about Summer being over….Christmas! Although, actual Christmas day can sometime be boring for us adults, I still love it. The build up, the gift shopping and time off if you are lucky enough to have it! Christmas is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends, create memories and finish off the year in a great way. It’s a day full of love, food, chocolate, celebration drinks and if lucky enough maybe a present or two. I’m not very religious but from the days I attend church, it is also a lovely time of year to be a part of a faith and give thanks too. No matter what you do around that time of year.

What else am I looking forward to?

  • Cosy duvet days
  • Bonfire night
  • Drinking more hot chocolate

One thing I am not looking forward to…. Waking up for work, getting out of bed into the cold!

Thanks for reading everyone! What are your favourite things about the winter months?





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