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When we think about our everyday beauty routines, whether taking care of our skin, doing our makeup or even just painting your nails. These routines can sometimes become quite perfunctory. I know that my everyday makeup for work is done in the exact same way, with the same products. It doesn’t exactly excite me. But that’s why it is important to add a little indulgence into our lives. We do the same when it comes to our diets, our clothes so why not our beauty life too? There are many ways you can treat yourself and indulge a little. So read on to see my suggestions for relaxing and fun ways to change-up your routine…

Eyebrow Tint/ Wax

We all know how much I love eyebrows for a makeup look. They are an essential part of my beauty routine, whether everyday or if I’m going full-out. They help shape your face, can completely change your look, and highlight your eyes. The basis for a good brow? Most definitely is maintenance. Pluck, thread, wax, whatever your choice may be, but make sure that you don’t have any strays. I am waiting patiently for mine to grow so I can get them shaped, so not loving my brows right now. But booking in for a professional eyebrow grooming is one thing I really love. Why not treat yourself and keep those brows in line!


I’ve only had one facial so far, that was part of a spa package, but it was my favourite thing from the whole day. I felt relaxed, the atmosphere of the room was lovely, and the products smelt like heaven! I think that having a facial is something we should all be doing as often as we can. It helps to give your skin a really good clean, you take some time for yourself and it’s just a lovely treat.

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Manicure/ Pedicure

Now I’ve said in the past I’m not really into nails, I hardly ever paint them, and if I do it will either be in red, aubergine or a french manicure look. But that being said, if you do love to experiment with your nail colours, styles and the latest nail art, then what better way to treat yourself than with a manicure? I have had a manicure before, and though I did just stick with red, I have to say that it was a really great experience. They don’t just paint your nails, but take care of your cuticle’s as well, you almost get a little hand massage thrown in too. I think this is a great one to do with friends as you can talk and catch up at the same time.

Teeth Whitening

Now choosing to get your teeth whitened is not for everyone, but I know I am looking into this myself. What better way to feel confident than with a bright smile? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, mainly because no matter how much I try, home kits or whitening toothpaste really doesn’t do anything. If this is something for you, I think it’s great because you have lasting results.


Just hearing the word massage makes me think of the ultimate in luxury beauty indulgence. A massage is a great way to unwind, relax and retune your body. There are so many great massage options out there too, so you will not be short of choice. The best thing is that if you have a partner,or even just a good friend, than you don’t even need to pay for one! Just bribe them or persuade them to give you one when you need to relax 🙂

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If you really need some ‘me-time’ than why not combine a few of the above suggestions and take a trip to a spa! I think everyone should have a fun spa day at least once. You get to focus on yourself for the day, bond with the friends or family you go with and feel rejuvenated! I love the Formby Hall golf resort and spa,for those in the Liverpool area. It has lovely treatment rooms, facilities and the staff are great. They are fantastic and I highly recommned a trip there.

If not, than you can also try this fantastic website Beauty resource. They can locate beauticians close to you, and you can search for whatever treatment you are looking for. They offer everything from tanning, waxing and even body wraps. If they don’t have a beautician in your area, they will suggest the nearest one too. This is a website that offers information on these treatments and recommends the best in their field!

Thanks for reading everyone. Let me know your favourite beauty indulgence below!





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